PGA Codes of Ethics

PGA Codes of Professional Ethics

  • PGA Members shall not sell nor promote the use of synthetic gemstones to any customers who are purchasing gems for jyotish prescription.
  • PGA Members shall not sell nor promote the use of very flawed gems to customers purchasing for jyotish prescription.*
  • PGA Members shall always be open and honest as to the possible treatments or enhancements of any gems they sell for jyotish prescription.
  • PGA Members shall not recommend gems to clients which are astrologically harmful to the client for jyotish gem prescription.*
  • PGA Members shall not violate any copyrighted material or design, text or graphic, with out lawful consent of the copyright holder.
  • PGA Members may not represent themselves as official spokespersons of the PGA without PGA President Pandit Vidyadhar Sukul’s written authorization; Likewise, no one may represent themselves as a PG (Planetary Gemologist) or a PGA (Planetary Gem Advisor) without official certification by the Planetary Gemologists Association. Click here to view the official list of PGA and PG Graduates.

PGA Standards as determined by the PGA RULING COMMITTEE


*PGA Codes of Professional Ethics

The Planetary Gemologists Association – – has conducted voting on certain key issues concerning the ethical practice of Planetary Gemology. The results of voting by 96 PGA Members are given in the new PGA Directory & Journal 2002 (see the WWW edition below). The relevant voting results are given here for easy reference….
*The key issues and PGA voting results (April 2002):

  1. Use of synthetics in jyotish – 89% against
  2. Use of very flawed gems in jyotish – 81% against
  3. Use of pratikul (harmful graha) gems in jyotish – 84% against

When the majority votes are greater than 75% – then the major majority rule is accepted as the standard (based on common democratic majority voting process). These PGA Codes of Professional Ethics must be followed by every PGA member.

A member who disagrees with any of the above rules may be removed from the PGA Membership lists and placed on the PGA OFF list above. The PGA off-list will also become an added feature of all future PGA Directories, beginning with the PGA Directory & Journal 2003.

If YOU belong on the PGA’s OFF list and wish to rectify your position please notify the PGA.

Thank you for your kind co-operation in helping to make the PGA a meaningful & useful Association that will benefit the general public.With popular CODES the PGA Membership now means something specific, i.e., PGA Members must follow the above PGA RULES…OM TAT SAT!!!

The Sanskrit name for the PGA was composed by HONORARY PATRON Prof. Dr. Satya Vrat Shastri, Padma Shri