Late Prof. Dr. Mangal Raj Joshi




PGA Honorary Founder Patron 
Late Prof. Dr. Mangal Raj Joshi

Late Prof. Dr. Mangal Raj Joshi, Ph. D., Jyotishacharya Ganit Shastri, PGA, the ROYAL ASTROLOGER of the KINGDOM OF NEPAL. He passed away at the ripe old age of 85 years of age. Dr. Joshi was one of the PGA’s first and most-senior Honorary Patrons.

Prof. Joshi was the Chairman of the National Panchanga Decision Committee of HM’s Government of Nepal since 1968. Dr. Joshi was involved with the Panchanga  (Nepalese Calendar ) publication since 1931.

Prof. Joshi’s father was also the Royal Astrologer of Nepal, and together they published the Nepalese Panchanga-calendar.

Prof. Joshi was the publisher of MANGAL PANCHANG; he was also Chairman of the Astronomy and Astrology Subject Committee of Mahendra Sanskrit University of Nepal. 

Prof. Joshi was visiting Professor of Tribhuvan University of Nepal, as well as the ex. Principle of Patan College. 

Note: Prof. Joshi has voted on the PGA Sabha 1 as  follows: Synthetics - NO, Uparatnas - YES, Flawed gems - NO 

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