Precious Stones Curse or Cure?
   by Mony Singh

Precious stones have been used as fashion jewelry for ages. The attraction towards colorful stones starts at a very young age, and one is fascinated by a particular color, depending upon ones state of consciousness. Stones are natural storehouses of colors. They are the catalysts for the rays of the SUN and as you know Sun is the father of our solar system and without Sun we will not survive. 

Analyzing the spectrum of seven colors from a holistic approach, each color represents a particular area of existence. Red is the color for fire or heat, and it has the potential to give comfort as well as to burn, Blue is a cold color, and variates between calmness and freezing, Orange and green represent healing, yellow is the color of expansion and so on, whereas white is a neutral color and black is infinite and a absorber of the weak colors, black also represents absence of light. 

So coming back to stones, each stone has the potential to radiate a particular color, and the concentration and power of a particular color depends upon the clarity and quality of the stone, it is just like a mirror, if you buy a cheap mirror, you would get a picture which is distorted and foggy. 

Astrologically speaking stones have immense power to create havoc or bring heaven like situations in an individuals life. Since they radiate colors, they increase, decrease or balance the color they radiate and influence other colors at the same time. I would say majority of women are very instinctive by nature and as a result they are able to wear the right kind of stone based on their instincts, but on the other hand a women who’s psyche has been camouflaged by Luxury and Vanity has distorted the ability to chose the right kind of stone, even as a piece of jewelry. 

Stones have enough potential to even kill a person, I am talking in a very logical sense. Certain stones are so powerful that they have the potential to boil the blood to the point of a stroke or brain hemorrhage and other stones have enough power to freeze the blood or rob its heat to the point of a cardiac arrest. I am taking about Cats eye and Blue Sapphire also known as lahsunia and Neelam in Hindi. 

These small pieces of concentrated energy also have the potential to cure cancer or help a infertile women to conceive. 

Precious Stones should not be worn without consulting an astrologer. for example just take diamonds, if in a persons chart, the planet Venus is inharmonious and if that person wears a diamond, it can give sexual and skin diseases and also reprogram his/her mind into getting attracted towards inharmonious relationships. Another famous stone is Emerald. If the planet Mercury is not beneficial in an individuals horoscope, and one wears an Emerald, it would drop the vitality and bring overall coldness in the lower part of the body, giving indigestion and lack of sexual drive. 

On the positive side, it is a sureshot cure for keeping our Tamsic nature people or youths ( who eat too much beef and are allowed to watch violent- libido movies) by making these individuals wear an Emerald, it would control their sexual appetite and focus their minds on studies, as Mercury is the planet of intellect, again I would caution that one should not make ones own decision, on what stones to wear and must consult an astrologer who has considerable experience related to use of stones. 

In my experience I have seen some very famous astrologers prescribe the wrong stones to individuals because there are two schools of thoughts. One says that one should wear the stones connected to Inauspicious planets and the other says that one should wear stones connected with auspicious planets only. I agree with the later, we definitely do not want to make the hands of our enemies stronger by sharpening their swords. 

Not only proper consideration has to be given connected with wearing the right kind of gems but one has to also analyze the particular finger these stones would be worn on depending upon the power of the particular mount and the shape and strength of that particular finger. All these aspects have to be carefully analyzed. 

Are you wearing the right kind of stone? Has the gem you are wearing creating miracles for you or is contributing to your miseries? these are some of the questions you have to look for, back track your mind, scan your bio computer for events that followed, when you had worn a particular gem for the first time. You will find your own answers, and if you can’t , the safe side is, either take the stone off or consult an Astrologer. 

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