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Vedic View of Gemology

   Since ancient times sages and alchemists of the East and West have revealed the precise science relating the elements of nature with the nine planets, as well as the proper method of combining these astral elements into powerful talismans. This information was originally derived from ancient Vedic texts, and it was from these Oriental sources that Western alchemists and astrologers derived their knowledge, most of which was kept secretly confined to the initiated higher circles. 

   It is stated in the "SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES" by Manley Hall that, 

   "The rays of the celestial bodies, striking the crystallizing influences of the lower world, become the various elements. Partaking of the astral virtues of their source, these elements neutralize certain unbalanced forms of celestial activity and, when properly combined, contribute much to the well-being of man." 

   The philosopher Agrippa has described in "Three Books of Occult Philosophy" the basic preparation of  astrological rings as follows: 

"When any star (planet) ascends fortunately (i.e., located in an auspicious position in the horoscope), with the fortunate aspect or conjunction of the Moon, we must take a stone and herb that is under that star, and make a ring of the metal that is suitable to this star, and in it fasten the stone, putting the herb or root under it, not omitting the inscriptions of images, names and characters, as also the proper suffumigations." 

   According to Vedic authority, natural gemstones radiate "astral" powers!  Fine, flawless gems promote good fortune, while poor quality gems have the opposite affect (Ref. Garuda Purana: Chapter 68, Verse 17).   The power of  gems emanates from the nine planets (nava-graha ) recognized by the ancient, "Sidereal" science of astrology. The nine planets and their associated gems are: 

1) Ruby for the Sun, 
2) Pearl for the Moon, 
3) Yellow sapphire for Jupiter, 
4) Hessonite for Rahu (the ascending node of the Moon), 
5) Emerald for Mercury, 
6) Diamond for Venus, 
7) Cat's eye for Ketu (the descending node of the Moon), 
8) Blue sapphire for Saturn, 
9) Coral for Mars 
Ref. Mani Mala: page 575, verse 79

These "planets" influence different aspects of life and, as luminous bodies,  also radiate specific "cosmic colors."  According to ancient belief the colors radiated by the nine planets are identical to the cosmic colors of the different gemstones.  Sometimes the cosmic colors are obvious while in other cases this is not so.  Thus red is the cosmic color of rubies, while orange is the cosmic color of pearls. 

In recent years, occult talismans of quartz crystal have become increasingly popular throughout the Western world. Believing that such crystals provide a panacea for all ills, an infinite source of cosmic energy, and absolute protection against evil spirits, people wear them in rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and key chains, without taking into consideration their intrinsic gemological quality or their astrological side effects. Furthermore, they mistakenly believe that only clear quartz crystals (also known as "rock crystals") provide the desired power and protection. 

The fact of the matter is that clear quartz crystals are the most common variety among many different types of gem crystal. All precious gemstones, except for those composed of organic matter such as coral and natural  pearl, belong to one of six major categories of natural crystal, and almost all gem crystals are far more rare than the common clear quartz variety. Many precious gems are actually natural quartz crystals structurally fused with various trace elements that add color to the stone. For example, amethyst is actually purple quartz, and citrine is simply yellow quartz. 

The ancient gemological teachings of the East place prime importance on the color and the quality of gem crystals. The color determines which of the nine planets rules the gem, and the quality determines whether a gemstone transmits the positive or negative energies of its associated planet. Clear colorless gems such as diamond and quartz crystal, for example, transmit the energy and astral influence of the planet Venus, while red gem crystals such as ruby and garnet attract the energy and influence of the Sun. However, it is the tone of the color and the gemological quality of the crystal which determine how well a particular gem functions as an astral talisman. Even colorless quartz must be "crystal clear" and free of flaws in order to conduct the auspicious energy of Venus to the person who wears it. In support of this important dictate please consider the following ancient Sanskrit verse...

"A gem free from all impurities and radiating its 
characteristic internal luster should be looked upon 
as an 'escort' of good luck.  A gem which is cracked, 
fissured, devoid of luster, or appearing rough or 
sandy, should not be used at all."

AGNI-PURANAM:: Chapter 246, Verse 7 & 8 

   Since color is the key to the astral identity of gems, clear rock crystals function in the same way as diamonds to transmit the energy of Venus. The ancient Vedic texts of India ascribe the mythological origins of clear quartz crystals to the semen of Vala, and therefore this sort of colorless gemstones governs sexuality and the entire realm of sensual activity. It is interesting to note that the planet Venus, which is associated with colorless crystals, has always been regarded as the planet of love and art in both Eastern and Western mythology.

Following is some very interesting Vedic information about clear quartz crystals. This is a summary translation of an ancient Sanskrit text named Sri Garuda Purana , Chapter 69:


Vedic Text

"The potent semen of Vala transformed into the seeds of quartz (rock crystal), also known as Bhisma stones. These seeds germinated primarily in the Himalayas and the lands to their north.

"These crystals are usually transparent and colorless, and are often so brilliant that they are mistaken for diamonds.

"Any one respectfully wearing a pure quartz crystal set in gold will attain good fortune in this life and be protected from dangerous animals such as tigers, leopards, wolves, elephants, and lions.

"Pure quartz is also an amulet giving the wearer extraordinary sexual prowess. Wearing quartz while offering libations to departed ancestors insures them lasting happiness. It is also a talisman against drowning, burning and theft.

"These attributes pertain to pure flawless quartz, and knowledgeable gemologists advise that flawed variaties that are included, fractured, or discolored should be completely avoided."

   Almost all gemstones are crystals, and the keys to their astral powers are color and clarity. One should only wear gems which transmit the planetary energies appropriate to one's individual horoscope. Diamonds, for example, have always been regarded as "a girl's best friend" in the Western world, but according to Eastern planetary gemology, diamonds bring nothing but misery to most women. The Western view is based entirely on commercial considerations, while the Eastern view is rooted in ancient esoteric teachings that have withstood the test of time. 

After selecting the appropriate type of gem crystal according to its color and planetary association, the most important factor to consider when purchasing a gem is its crystal clarity. The importance of flawless clarity in gems cannot be overemphasized, for only the finest quality crystals transmit the positive energies of their associated planets. Flawed stones work in reverse : they transmit flawed energy and therefore bring misfortune rather than auspicious influences. 

Along with the Navaratna (Viz., ruby, pearl, yellow sapphire, hessonite, emerald, diamond, cat's eye, blue sapphire, and red coral) or nine primary gems, there are many other "natural" gemstone choices based on color. These "upa-ratnas" are less expensive than their precious counter-parts and yet they conduct the same astral energy of their associated planet. They are also easier to find without flaws or treatment. 
Here is a list of the foremost upa-ratna  (semi-precious gems) known to man, along with their ruling planets:

1) RUBY (heat-checked), red spinel, red garnet and red tourmaline (rubellite) for the Sun.

2) NATURAL PEARL, moonstone, and white coral for the Moon.
3) YELLOW SAPPHIRE (heat-checked), yellow topaz, yellow beryl (heliodor) and yellow tourmaline for Jupiter.
4) HESSONITE, natural orange zircon, spessartite, malaya and other orange garnets for Rahu.
5) EMERALD (oil-checked), tsavorite, green tourmaline, green diopside, peridot and green jade for Mercury.
6) DIAMOND, white (colorless) sapphire, white topaz, white beryl (goshinite) and colorless quartz for Venus.
7) CAT'S EYE CHRYSOBERYL, beryl, apatite, fibrolite and tourmaline cat's eyes for Ketu;
8) BLUE SAPPHIRE, blue tourmaline (indicolite), blue spinel and amethyst for Saturn.
9) RED CORAL and red carnelian for Mars.

If one cannot afford the price of a flawless ruby or diamond, they may opt instead for a flawless but far less expensive red garnet or colorless quartz crystal. All of the Sidereal astrological planets have several varieties of gems which transmit their cosmic energies, beginning with the primary, most precious gems and followed by secondary, less expensive types. It's better, for example, to wear a flawless garnet than a flawed ruby. People interested in enhancing their lives through the auspicious cosmic energies transmitted by planetary gemstones should select only flawless specimens. It is in fact better to wear no gems at all than to wear flawed stones. But since every planet offers a variety of gems from "first class" to "economy class," one may easily pick a flawless gem which suits one's individual budget as well as one's horoscope. 

For easy reference we include the following information... 

The Nine Gems, Nine Planets & the Asian Zodiac 

Yellow Sapphire
Blue Sapphire
Cat's Eye




Aries / Scorpio
Gemini / Virgo
Sagittarius / Pisces
Taurus / Libra
Capricorn / Aquarius
Not applicable*
Not applicable*

*NOTE: According to the ancient science of Thai or Asian "Sidereal" Astrology, Rahu and Ketu do not rule any of the 12 zodiac signs. Being aprakasha or "shadow planets," they reflect the qualities of the lord of the sign they occupy. Example: If Rahu is located in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury, you should look to the position of Mercury in the chart and predict similar results for Rahu.

Ref. 1995 Ancient Astrological Gemstones Talismans

Talisman examples courtesy of Astral Gemstone Talismans

Ref. Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talismans

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