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The Science of Planetary Gemology

By Howard Beckman, PG

The science of Planetary gemology is one that has been used in accordance with astrology for thousands of years. It is the science of understanding how gemstones transmit and reflect planetary rays, and how they will increase planetary influences in a person's life.

Different gemstones are said to receive their potencies from the cosmic energies of various planets. vedic astrology and the ayurvedic system of medicine tell us that certain planets can have effects on bodily organs and parts of the body. The planets are also said to have effects on our minds and subtle parts of our consciousness. In addition, their specific positions in the horoscope indicate (to a duly qualified practitioner of this great science) the path of destiny.

There is a school of thought wherein some astrologers posit that wearing a gem for a planet which causes suffering due to unfortunate positioning at the time of a person's birth will propitiate that planet or cause it to give less trouble. Extensive experience in this field, however, has proven this idea to be a misconception. gems never decrease a planet's energy or its cosmic rays. Therefore the recommendation of any gem must be given a great deal of concentrated thought by the astrologer in order to determine whether a gemstone will truly have a positive effect on someone. Mistakes can be costly if malefic cosmic rays are unintentionally increased. Therefore it is only sensible that a conscientious astrologer who recommends gems to his or her clients will carefully study the science of planetary gemology in order to correctly prescribe gems.

This is not a science that can be used only by vedic astrologers. Western astrologers can also learn planetary gemology in order to give viable remedial measures to their clients for mitigating or lessening malefic influences and increasing benefic influences. This is achieved by strengthening planets that can counteract certain rays that are causing problems, or by strengthening planets that rule positive areas of life but are simply weakened due to their placement in the horoscope.

The "sidereal" zodiac must be used by an astrologer, east or west, for diagnosing a horoscope to prescribe gems. This system is based on the fixed positions of stars and constellations, not the relativity to earth and sun as is the "tropical" zodiac. gemstone therapy may not be applied to the tropical positions or great mistakes will be made in recommendations. Gem therapy is a powerful tool and remedial measure. In some instances wearing the wrong gem can cause serious physical and/or mental problems. Indeed, gemstone recommendations should only be accepted from a duly qualified vedic astrologer, planetary gemologist, or ayurvedic practitioner well versed in this science.

Persons interested in learning more about gemstone therapy should read "mantras, yantras & Fabulous gems" by Howard Beckman, , see . stock a full range of precious gemstones for ayurvedic and astrological prescription. For information about the current stocks of natural gemstones available for purchase, please visit the Balaji gems website at .

"If anyone wears a gem with many flaws (even) out of ignorance, then grief, anxiety, sickness, death, loss of wealth and other evils torment them."--- Sri Garuda Purana:1.70.19

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