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Gem Therapy in Vedic Astrology 

by Dr. Neeraj Lalwani, M.B.B.S., D.M.R.D., M.D., P.G.A., J-4/44, Ground Floor, Khirki Extension, Malviya Nagar Ext., New Delhi-110017, India, Tel: 011-29542123

Review by Howard Beckman, GG, PG, NGJA

This book by Dr. Lalwani is packed with a great deal of useful information for astrologers and laymen alike. In section one he gives basic interpretations of many terms and meanings of planetary positions that will be most useful to those without a background in jyotish, also known as Vedic Astrology. There are descriptions of different planets^(1) natures and their corresponding gems and general indications of when they might be recommended for wearing. Dr. Lalwani has given a great deal of general astrological information to quantify why particular gems are recommended for specific planets. He also gives a simplified table that allows those without an astrological horoscope to figure out their rising sign. Unfortunately this is only useful for those readers born in India as the tables only include Indian cities. 

Dr. Lalwani is adamant about the efficacy of gems worn according to proper astrological prescription being directly linked to quality and that poor quality gems will cause harm. He has also rightly discarded the foolish theory that man-made gems (synthetics) also have the same potency as natural gems. His first section called ^(3)Applicative Gem Therapy^(2) is a fantastic storehouse of knowledge for those wanting to get a background in the science of vedic gem therapy used in conjunction with jyotish.

Section two entitled ^(3)Medical Astrology^(2) will introduce readers to health analysis of a horoscope and gems that may alleviate many disorders of the body. My own observance in the wearing of these combinations as directed by Dr. Lalwani are that some may not be wise to follow if the recommended gems will also attract evil influences of malefic planets. The use of gem elixirs or lamps with gems and electronic instrumentation for treatments of patients has been shown to cure without actually wearing a gem that would then have a detrimental effect if worn on the body. The depth of the fundamentals of use of gems in medicine contained here in this section, though, is very thorough and will be enlightening for all interested readers.

Section three called ^(3)Other Measures to Improve Destiny^(2) brings many concepts of spirituality, religion and efforts to improve human destiny under scrutiny. There are so many more astrological conceptual explanations and introductions to ^(3)Hindu^(2) sanskrit terms within this section. On the one hand the author comes across with a strong scientific background in medicine yet with a very deep grounding in spiritual concepts necessary to truly understand vedic science. On the other hand the good doctor has also put forward his own speculations on Hindu deities and their existence on higher dimensional planes as being ^(3)made up^(2) by ancient sages to teach philosophical concepts to the less intelligent population. With this so-called ^(3) scientific^(2) explanation I must adamantly disagree as there is no basis for such statements in any vedic literatures or teachings and to say such a thing may be considered offensive by devout Hindus.

My last observation set aside I would most definitely recommend this book to all persons interested in the science of gems as applied to vedic astrological horoscopes. It is clear in most instances, easy to read and contains a host of important information in brevity which would be impossible to find in one single volume. Whether you are a student of astrology, a practicing vedic astrologer or simply have developed an interest in this subject this book is well worth the read. --- Published by Gyan Publishing House, 5 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110 002, India, Email:  WWW:

---Review by Howard Beckman, author of the book reviewed below...

Vibrational Healing with Gems ©2000

Although there are other books on the subject of gemstone treatment, such as 'Gem Therapy' by Dr. A.K. Bhattacharya (1971), and 'Gems Therapy' by Dr. Mahan Vir Thulli (1999), yet none of these previous books had a very scientific approach nor did they stress that gems must be flawless for positive effect. In fact, the previous gem therapy books were not very convincing, and the practice itself has declined for want of practical application and truly learned practitioners. Thus it remains a mystery; or better said, 'a great secret.'

Mr. Beckman seems to have drawn inspiration from all the previous books, but he has taken it a big step forward, into the realm of clinical practice. Most people might laugh at the idea of healing with gems, but they might not be laughing if they were stricken with ill health and conventional treatment fails. They might be more open-minded under dire circumstances.

For those who are healers and those who are patients, and even the skeptics, it would be wrong to dismiss or reject gem Vibrational healing without a fair hearing; and even for that purpose alone Mr. Beckman's new book is the best on the market.

If anyone wishes to try the gem vibration treatment, in conjunction with basic allopathic treatment, then get this book, because it is the most comprehensive to date. Remember, don't judge a book by it's subject, and do not reject gem healing without first making a fair and complete investigation. If anyone is interested to learn about Vibrational Healing With Gems then read this book, first and last.

--- Published by Gyan Publishing House, 5 Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110 002, India, Email:  WWW:

Richard Shaw Brown, PG
Acting Secretary,

The Planetary Gemologists Association 

Gems Therapy. Sagar Publications, 72, Janpath, Ved Mansion, New Delhi - 110001. 1999
  by Dr. Mahan Vir Tulli, PGA

Review by Dr. Neeraj Lalwani, M.B.B.S., D.M.R.D., P.G.Ai

Name of author is already well known in the field of gemology. He is among the few respectable, experienced &senior scholars available in the field of gemology. In this book with best of his knowledge, he has gathered all info regarding the Primary (Navratna) and Secondary (Substitute) gems in an orderly manner.

He has dealt with various methods of recommending gems viz Zodiac sign, birth number etc in a lucid manner. In addition, individual gemstones are also dealt with their detailed description. The description part appears the hallmark of the book and filled with rich info about almost all the gems. Usage of various gems in ailments is also described in a ready reckoner manner. In addition, of gems he has given beautiful coverage to impact and usage of Rudraksha on human destiny. The bonus is the tables and annexure, which are very useful tool to provide ready to serve info.

However, the book doesn’t deal with ascendant method, which is taken as most authentic method of gem suggestion worldwide by Vedic astrologers. He has left the decision of selecting gem to the reader, who has unfortunately told about many ways of adopting gems in the book and it lead the reader nowhere except the fog of confusion. Say for example, a native born on 1 April has to wear Ruby according to birth number and diamond according to Zodiac sign (Aries). On the other hand, both gems could not be worn as per the author as Diamond is an inimical; gem for Ruby. In such situation, reader has to be confused, whether he should wear Ruby, Diamond, Both, or none?

Neither he has given stress to the quality of gems nor he has dealt with various rituals to be done before wearing gems, without which they could be merely stones!

However keeping all technical problems aside, the book is neatly produced, informative and enriched by experience of author. Its pricing is an additive attraction hence everybody may keep a reference copy in his scholar shelf specifically for “Theoretical purpose” because the info provide about various gems (Both navratnas and substitute) is incomparable.

Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talismans by Richard Shaw Brown. Book Review by Dr. Shekhar Vashishtha, B. Sc.(Hons.), M. Sc. Applied Geology, B.R., S.S., P.G.D.J., Ph.D., C.C.F.S., F.G.S., G.G. (U.S.A), F.G.A. (U.K.), P.G. (THAILAND), SECRETARY GENERAL: MINERAL CLUB OF INDIA
By Richard Shaw Brown, Jr. ©1995

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