Planets: Pros & Cons
The article was written on special request for the PGA
   by Das Goravani

1. Sun (Ruby)

---Well placed: Nobility, Dignity, Power, Leadership, Confidence
---Ill placed: No self esteem, no energy, no confidence, bucking authority

2. Moon (Pearl)

---Well placed: Good Sensitivity, Good Habits, Stability, health
---Ill placed: Over reacting, depressed, overly sensitive, stressed

3. Jupiter (Yellow Sapphire)

---Well placed: Humanitarian, Caring, Spiritual, Optimism, Faith, Good Judgment
---Ill placed: Greedy, Uncaring, Selfishness, Too pragmatic, negative outlook

4. Rahu (Hessonite)

---Well placed: Originality, inspiration, insight, uniqueness, exotic
---Ill placed: Mental disease, addiction, illusion, volatile nature, trouble

5. Mercury (Emerald)

---Well placed: Rational, Witty, Skill, Dexterity, worldly brains
---Ill placed: Aloof, lack of concentration, difficulty with communications, slow

6. Venus (Diamond)

---Well placed: Attractiveness, refinement, grace, elegance, smooth
---Ill placed: Vanity, lewdness, sensual corruption, lack of taste and refinement

7. Ketu (Cat's Eye)

---Well placed: Spiritualism, intuition, universality, subtleness, sensitivity
---Ill placed: Eccentricity, explosiveness, fanaticism, emotional problems

8. Saturn (Blue Sapphire)

---Well placed: Discipline, responsibility, realism, durability, humility
---Ill placed: Depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, disappointment

9. Mars (Red Coral)

---Well placed: Positive energy, strength, courage, passion, active
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