Pratikul Nightmare!
Howard Beckman, PG

I want to relay a short story to you. I got a request from a
  a girl in her 20's living in Arizona, recently to do a reading
 for her. I did the reading and also paid a lot of attention to her health
 problems, including having my wife make many recommendations through her
 ayurvedic expertise.

 She had chronic flu, pains in her joints, severe headaches and had even had
 a STROKE a year ago!! This poor girl was being torn apart in many ways, both
 physically and emotionally, by the very malefic influence of Saturn in her
 horoscope. I gave her many recommendations, and for gems recommended yellow
 sapphire first and foremost which would help with her health problems and
 strengthen the chart overall, being a great benefic and benefic for the

 She just wrote back to me saying she had listened to all we had told her and
 for the first time was beginning to feel better. She said she had
 immediately taken off a blue sapphire she had been wearing and realized when
 doing so that her health had gone downhill quickly ever since she began
 wearing it. Sge said it was obvious I knew what I was talking about from the
 immediate results, then added she was surprised as it was advised by an expert
 who had recommended she wear the ble sapphire when he did her horoscope
 previously. She had thought he was knowledgeable.

 Prabhu, here is a perfect example and recent case history of how a pratikul
 gem, especially for such a malefic as Saturn when evil in the horoscope can
 devastate a poor young girl's life. I would tell the story to the eronous astrologer but
 feel that he would not listen and would take offense and become angry. Once
 again I state emphatically, "Just because you are an astrolger with even
 many years of experience does not mean you are also qualified to recommend
 gems nor that you know how they will react on a person. It is an expertise
 in and of itself and requires not only knowledge of how gems act, but years
 experience as well".  really makes me angry to know that these so-called astrologers 
ascribing to pratikul are causing so much unnecessary suffering in who knows 
how many persons' lives. 


Howard Beckman, PG

***Howard Beckman, GIA, PG, The Vedic Cultural Fellowship, HC70 Box 620  Pecos, NM 87552 USA, Tel: 505-757-6194  Email:

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