Gemstone Substitutions
   by Howard Beckman, GIA, PG

In the vedic texts regarding application of gems for planets generally only the 9 gems ruby, natural pearl, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, gomed and cats-eye are recommended for increasing planetary rays. There are many references to other "semi precious" gems for various purposes and I have seen many references to crystal quartz, bloodstone, lapis lazuli, carnelian and others for healing purposes, medicines, and attraction of certain cosmic forces as do the nine principle gemstones.

Before going into the main subject of this article it is important to discuss how gems transmit, reflect, and radiate different cosmic energies in order to properly prescribe them. Gems work on several levels. The gems increase the transmission of "cosmic colors" radiated by the planets which the chakras of our ethereal bodies then absorb. This color absorption goes on constantly in this way by the chakras, but when diseased conditions are present there will be a lacking in two or more of the cosmic colors within the ethereal body due to malfunction of the chakra system. The chakras are directly related to our glandular systems within the physical body and thus
disease will then manifest in the physical body. Gems, being inexhaustible storehouses of these cosmic colors, can be used to increase the transmission of these colors into the ethereal body thus satisfying the "color hunger" and beginning and stimulating the healing process on both the ethereal and physical levels of body.

The level on which gems radiate, which most astrologers and planetary gemologists concern themselves with, is that which can increase the benefic influences of planets in relation to dharma, artha, kama, and moksha. That is having to do with helping clients with business or career issues, wealth building, relationships, and most importantly their search for eternal inner truths of the soul and universal existence. 

Gems always increase planetary rays so we must be careful to give thought as to how such increases will affects a person1s life. They do not propitiate a planet1s malefic cosmic rays, as would the chanting of mantras, giving charity to the right recipients, or spiritually oriented austerities. If a planet is evil in the horoscope then wearing its gem will increase its rays, thus exacerbating the problem. There are ways to recommend other planets1 gems that may have a positive influence on the difficult planet1s rays, but this is an area for those with great experience and expertise. 

Remember that an astrologer or planetary gemologist will reap the negative karmic effects of giving incorrect advice or prescriptions, so beware. There are countless warnings in the scriptures about charlatan astrologers or doctors being born blind in the next life, taking birth in hellish circumstances, etc. Gems are very powerful so one must be extremely careful about their recommendation. 

There has not been as readily an identifiable system through the ages for use of substitute gemstones in relation to increasing planetary rays as with the navaratnas (9 gems). It is through much research and testing that we have been able to identify conclusively which other gems may transmit these cosmic colors or increase the subtle planetary influences. Those who have had the means and desire to conduct such research have done an invaluable service towards furthering the science of gem therapy and planetary gemology.

One example is we have identified obvious beneficial effects of using white sapphire for increasing planetary rays of Venus from our own research over many years. The secretary of the PGA, Richard Brown, through his 3 decades in this field of planetary gemology has also proven the efficacy of certain colors of the tourmaline family for increasing benefic planetary rays of Mercury and the Sun. There are many others in India who through research and practice with certain semi-precious gems have identified others to have beneficial effects conducting planetary rays. Still, all agree that whenever possible the navaratnas should be used, as they carry the greatest potency
of these cosmic planetary energies.

From our research in our gem therapy clinic using gems in electronic gem instruments and studying them through various means we have been able to identify which gems have little or no effects beneficially, as well as many that are invaluable in this form of vibrational healing. For instance, although amethyst has little effect in regards to increasing Saturn1s rays, it can be used for reduction of fevers and other treatment of disease. Blue sapphire can be used to treat many types of joint pains, inflammations, and even to calm high-beta brainwaves in emotionally distraught patients. This is true even in treating patients who if given a blue sapphire to wear in a
ring would cause further havoc and misery in their lives.

One area we have conclusively proved is a complete fallacy both in wearing gems to increase cosmic rays through jyotish recommendations and healing in clinical situations is that of using synthetic (man made) gems, or look-alike pieces of glass or some such materials. Synthetics exhibit no transmission of cosmic color when viewed through an equilateral glass prism (which can be used to see the actual cosmic color transmitted by any gemstone). Neither do they exhibit any noticeable auric energy when photographed through the use of Kirlian photography.

I have been asked by some why they seemed to have some improvement when using a synthetic gem. All I can do is remind them of the well-known "placebo effect". In using a control group when testing new drugs, for example, one group is given the drug to be tested and the other given only sugar pills. It is well known that some given the sugar pills will have an improvement in their conditions. Our minds, when positively directed, can overpower forces of disease invading our physical and ethereal bodies, especially if determined to act in such a way as to overcome the disease in question. 

One of our own patients and friends decided to deal with her cancer on her own, rather than with surgery and radiation therapy. She imagined little happy faces (representing her immune system) eating up little sad faces (representing her cancer) and meditated in this way constantly. In addition she radically changed her diet and brought up the most positive and spiritually based outlook on life that had ever been present in her life to that time. Today she is healthy and there is no sign of cancer in her body whatsoever. 

Therefore this proves the power of the mind and our force of psychic will. In relation to gems, though, there is no force of mind and will within synthetic gem materials or imitation gemstones. Gemstone therapy and planetary gemology are important sciences that must be utilized along proven lines of conduct and application, not imagined. It is foolishness to equate live, natural gems that are created over millions of years through tectonic pressure within the earth with synthetic gems grown within days under laboratory conditions. Those propounding such nonsense can undoubtedly be equated with those selling "fools gold" for the genuine thing.

With more cooperation among professionals researching further applications of gem therapy we will in future see amazing recoveries taking place in those overtaken by disease. Through the sharing of knowledge by qualified astrologers and planetary gemologists with facility for research and vast experience under their belts many in the astrological community will learn to better recommend and apply gems in their practices.  This avoids not only causing further pain and suffering to those they wish to help, but marring their own reputations in this life and the next. Namaste.

Respectfully submitted,

Howard Beckman
Graduate Gemologist, GIA
Senior Member, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, USA
Planetary Gemologist, PGA
Master Gem Therapist, London Institute of Electromagnetic Gem Therapy 

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