Astro-Numerology - Lesson 9
   by G. Kumar
The Encyclopaedia of the Philosophic Sciences, the Vedas were the product
of cognitions by Indian Seers in higher states of Consciousness. Astronomy,
Mathematics. Astrology, Numerology, Logic, Philosophy, Gemology etc all
derive from this mighty Encyclopaedia. Astronomy, Mathematics and
Numerology evolved from the Wisdom of the Heavens, Astrology. Astro-
Numerology was the perfect blend of the science of the Numbers and the
Science of Time.

Effects of Fadic Number Nine

If the Nineian is YOU!

( Fadic Number is the number got after adding all the digits comprising your
date of birth ).

Your Fadic Number is 9 and your Life Controller is
the planet of War, Mars. This is the number of those
born under the 9th 18th and 27th of every month.

They are born fighters in all aspects of Life. Even
though they are faced by adversity, they emerge victorious
in the end because of their mental strength, determination
and courage. They are arbitrarians and never become slaves
to anybody. If the number 9 occurs in their major events
they create big enemies and generate quarrels and enmity.
They always suffer bruises either financially or in the ba-

They are highly courageous and become great soldiers.
Their love of themselves that is their arbitrarianism is the
major cause of their adversity. They are prone to accidents
resuting from fire. They always quarrel with their friends
and in-laws. They do not like advice. They love to be rever-
ed as big in their domestic life. As they are capable of fo-
rming organizations if they do not get the leadership they
become the cause of destroying the organizations.

Loving women can make monkeys of them as they will do
anything for their beloved. They are friedly with 3 6 and 9.
They are very compatible with 9. 9 as you know has a lot of
peculiarities. Any number into 9 will yield 9.

Red confers luck on them.Their best days are Thursday
Tuesday and Friday. They should use 9 18 and 27 for the
fructification of their objectives. If the abovementioned
days coincide with 3, 6,12,15, 21, 24, 30 these days become
very auspicious for them.

In psychic sciences great importance have been attac-
hed to the numbers 7 and 9. While 7 represents the underlying
Divine Unity, 9 represents the physical and the material.

Kaiser William, President Roosevelt & Edward the Seventh
were born like you under this number and it will not be surp-
rising if people identify similar characteristics in you.

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Personality Overview

Controller of Life - MARS

You are controlled by the celestial war lord, Mars. Martians
generally are adventurous and believe that life is to enjoy.
They are bold and martial in approach. Their militant attitu-
de to life will earn many laurels for them particularly in
the fields of sports and the military. Their resilience will
give them victory in the long run.

The life of the Martian is always marked by physical strains,
struggle and strife.

You are aggressive and militant believing in the principle
" Attack is the best form of defense".

Your bulldog spirit and fighting qualities will be manifest
in all spheres of life be it business sports or games.
You do not give up easily.

Your main drawback is that you jump into things without much
aforethought and suffer consequences therby.

Fortitude is another virtue represented by Mars. You can come
out of any suffering because of this virtue. Fortitude is one of the
most important of all the seven cardinal virtues.

In Vedic Astrology, Mars is the defence minister in the Government
of the Almighty. If Mars is not powerful in one's natal chart,
administrative ability will be lacking in the native. He represents
the physical strength of the Cosmic Man. Words like Martial
arts, Martial Law are all derived from this celestial war-lord, Mars.

A powerfully posited Mars is preferable from the perspective of
self-defense. Mars rules over three constellations of the Sidereal
Zodiac, Lamda Orionis ( Mrigasira ), Alpha & Beta Delhini
( Dhanishta) & Spica or Alpha Virginis ( Chitra ).

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An Analytical Review

The zodiac sign representing this number is Aries. (Do not co-
nfuse this with the birthsign in Astrology ). Arians are gene-
rally shrewd people gifted with business insight. This sign
rules England. ( "London, thou seat of Mars " says Shakespeare ).
They have all the qualities required for world conquest.

The Arian is generally powerful in body, pragmatic in approach-
and down-to-earth practical in life.

You are subjected to fits of anger and depression. It is good
for you to practice concentration which will remove these def-

Your fiery temperament will generate many secret enemies. You
will also be subjected to criticism from many quarters. But
then you will continue to fight irrespective of the opinions
of the rest of the world.

You are courageous and chivalrous. You have to be careful abo-
ut accidents particularly from fire.

Regarding health you may suffer from fever and skin diseases.
You should renounce alcohol. The best leaves and fruits for
you are onions, garlic, radish, ginger & pepper. You should
guard against illhealth during the months of April May Oct-
ober & November. You may experience changes in health during
the ages of 9 18 27 36 45 54 & 63.

Negative Aspect
Mars is a fiery planet. Your temparament and everything is fiery
and volatile. There may be a dearth of logical thinking and you may
jump into traps set by others. It is better if you take the advice
of seniors.


Dharani Garbha Sambhootham
Vidyut Kanchana Sannibham
Kumaram Shakthi Hastham cha
Mangalam Pranamamyaham

This sloka if recited 108 times daily can ward off the afflictions
arising from Mars. This is the moola sloka of Mars.

In Astro-Gemmology, Mars represents Coral. Wearing this stone on
a Shukla Paksha Tuesday ( fifteen days after the New Moon )
will enhance the luck of the Nineians.

Lucky Colour Red
Lucky Stone Coral
Lucky Days of the Week Tuesday
Lucky Day 18 9 27
Lucky Month March ( deriving
from Mars )

If you wear these stones and colours as per the dictums
of Astro-Numerology you stand to benefit a great deal as
the malefic rays of planets are neutrallised by gems.

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In Transcendental Philosophy the Number Nine is considered very sacred.
Astrology deals with the " nine revolving heavens". Gemology deals with
the Nine gems. Numerology deals with the nine base digits. The ninth
prosperity is said to be Cosmic Consciousness.

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word " Yuj " which means to unite,
to unite with Cosmic Creative Intelligence. Yoga has the power to confer
the ninth prosperity or Cosmic Consciousness.

The Absolute Being assuming the role of Numbers

The Inifinite Being who is Absolute , becomes One when
He stands alone. He becomes Two as Consciousness and Force. He
becomes three as the three relative states of Consciousness, Waking,
Dreaming and dreamless sleep. . He becomes Fourfold as the Four
Vedas. He becomes Five as the five sense organs. As the Six Shastras
He becomes Six. He becomes Seven as the Sevenfold Cord Of Being
- Life, Mind ,Matter ,Supermind, Being, Knowledge and Bliss. He
becomes Eight as the Eightfold Prosperity ( Ashta Aiswaryas) . He
becomes Nine as the Nine planets, Nine base digits & the Nine gems.

Infinite is Thy play as Numbers ! .

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This concludes the series of articles dealing with Fadic Numbers

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