by Capt. Manas R. Swain

The proper weight of a gem to impact human life is still as confusing and a bamboozlement undertaking. When some learned consider 5 rattis for a Ruby,  some other consider 7 rattis. One more theory seems to have emerged as a more authenticate i.e. the weight of the astral gems should be according to the body weight of the person who wishes to wear it. After measuring the weight in terms of kilograms of the person divide by 13. The quotient more nearer to a numerical is the right ratti to be worn by a native. For example if a person is weighing 67 Kg   and when 67 is divided by 13, it is, 5.15, which is nearer to 5. So the person should wear any stone of 5 rattis only.

To know, how much time the gem may take to react, the wavelength & the distance of the planet signifying the gem from the earth in kilometer should be correctly ascertained. Then the formula is, Distance of the planet from the earth in terms of Km / Wave length of the planet = Time in hours. Ex: The Red Coral: The signifying planet is Mars. The distance of Mars the Earth is 235000000 Km. Wave Length of coral is 65400. So, 235000000 / 65400 = 59 min 53 secs =Approx. 1 hour.
Capt. Manas R. Swain
Nishkam Astrological Research & Teaching Institute,
46/47, Budheswari P.O. lane,
Tel:( 0674) 313356 (R)

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