Astrological Gem Therapies

by Thiruchelvam S.Nadarajah (PGA)

Jyotish is the vedic astrological system of which Ayurveda was once a part. Based on this astrological system, gem stones (navaratnas) are related to the nine planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus,
Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) and produces a balancing effect against diseases.

The healing properties of the gems were studied by ancient ayurvedic  researchers and found that each different gem stones creates different colors and vibration and these effects the human body.

The planets were seen to have corresponding colors and vibrations too. The gem stones absorb and reflect (like a filter) the planetary rays or vibrations. These effect helps to restore the health.

In ancient Vedic texts, like the Brihat Samhita, the origin and healing powers of the various planets are discussed. Persons may use substitute stones (uparatnas) instead of the more expensive gem stones. For example, Jade, Peridot or Green Tourmaline can replace Emerald.

Healing properties of each gem stones based on ayurvedic are as listed below :

1. Ruby - Sun (Surya).

Heart, hypertension, infections, fevers, hot temper, impatience, brain, digestions, circulation, bones,  eyesight.

2. Pearl - Moon (Chandra).

Mental disorders, kidney, lung and infertility.

3. Red Coral - Mars (Mangala).

Fevers, inflamations, ulcers, bleeding problems, weak muscles, liver, small intestines, vitality,  accidents.

4. Emerald - Mercury (Budha).

Giddy, mental problems, stuttering, memory loss, anxiety, nervous indigestions.

5. Yellow Sapphire - Jupiter (Brihaspati).

Weak immune system, tumors, arterial circulation, weight, liver, pancreas, nerve, jaundice and gland dysfunction.

6. Diamond - Venus (Shukra).

Reproductive and urinary system, kidneys, anemia, infertilty, weak bones, weak immune system.

7. Blue Sapphire - Saturn (Shani).

Weak bones, nerves, vitality, constipation, epilepsy, paralysis, cancer and immune diseases.

8. Hessonite - Rahu (Moon's North Node).

Nervousness, indigestions, loss of coordination and mental disorders.

9. Cat's Eye - Ketu (Moon's South Node).

Poor digestion, circulation, bleeding, weak muscles, nervous system, cancer, paralysis and immune diseases.

One very important note, the gem stones have been found to have side effects depending upon birth sign and planetary positions. Different astrologers have different criteria to judge contraindications. Unless properly advised, avoiding gem therapy may be the best.

        Aum Shivaya.

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