Sri Nava Graha Stotra
by Shri Vadiraja Swamy

May the Sun god, Surya, reveal to us that wisdom of the Highest God (Lord Hari), may the Moon god, Chandra bless us with happiness, may the planetary god Mars (Mangala) provide us with good fortune, may Mercury (Budha-deva) bestow all wisdom, may Jupiter (Guru) make us great, may Venus (Shukra-deva) make us learned, may Saturn (Shani-deva) bless us with well-being, may Ketu (Moon's South Node) grant success, may Rahu (Moon's North Node) relieve us of ill health. May these planets be beneficial to us. May all our wealth, Bhakti, material assets, and wisdom, etc., increase daily. Hail Saturn (Shani) who were born from Surya, who is splendorous with all good qualities, may you destroy our bad karma, and grant our wishes, and free us from Saturn problems, so says Vadiraga.

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