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Sri Navaratna Astral Talisman #9999 Courtesy of Carol Levy, PG


By Pemmaraju V.R. Rayudu

Lord Krishna stated in Bhagavad Gita that the bodies of all species are formed out of Prakriti (Nature / Cosmos). Nature consists of the Pancha Bhutas (five elements/ tats)- Prithvi (earth), Jala (water), Agni/ Tejo (fire), Vayu (air) and Akash (ether).
So the bodies are out of these tats (characteristics) of these five elements at the time of birth. The three Gunas (characters) of Satwik, Rajasik and Tamasik are also simultaneously formed at the time of birth out of Prakriti. Planets also being a part of this cosmos, are related to these five tats and and three gunas and hence to the bodies.
These tats and gunas are formed in different proportions in different bodies affecting the physical and mental conditions of the body. Accordingly the planets are configured in the horoscope at the time of birth in different rashis (signs) and bhavas (houses) with a particular lagna (ascendant).

The constant motion of the planets and the tremendous impact of their rays/ radiation on the sensory nerves of the human body is responsible for the multi-fold changes in human behavior, mental make up, thought, conduct, health, and everything that matters. These radiation's reach the human cells through these sensory nerves. When the present day television and radio sets are picking up the sound and picture waves transmitted through the air via the satellites, one need not wonder that the body cells would be attracted by the wave patterns transmitted by the planets. Thus the planets would be affecting the life pattern also.

No planet is basically benefic or malefic. It all depends on the situation in which a planet is situated in a horoscope in different rasi (zodiac sign)s and behaves with respect to a particular Lagna. At a particular time and place of birth, subjected to various influences with respect to the placement of other planets. For example, the benefic or malefic tendency of a planet may differ as per its placement in exaltation/ debilitation rasi (zodiac sign), own rasi (zodiac sign)/ star, friendly/ enemy rasi (zodiac sign) / star, different behaves as per its own lordship and as per its association and aspects by other friendly / enemy planets etc. Each of these placements, aspects, associations are not of equal importance and they are to be considered giving different weightless of each type of influence. (For details refer my book " How to read a horoscope- A Scientific model of predictions based on benefic and malefic analysis of planets and behaves as per Hindu astrology published by M/s Motional Banarasidass publishers, New Delhi).

Once the benefic and malefic percentages analysis is done, the corresponding gems of the planets for improving their benefic performance is suggested as one of the remedial measures. Different gems are recommended for different planets depending on the characteristics of the planets and the special quality of the gems and it is really not known how this classification is done, may be based on the anticipated colour of the planet and the corresponding colour of the gem. For example, according to the Brihat Jatak, Jupiter has a body of yellow hue and the gem yellow sapphire is related to Jupiter.

Gems are stones formed in particular special configuration and quality out of the earth elements capable of attracting the radiation waves of the planets. For example, both the gem diamond and coal are formed out of the element of carbon, but the rays which have become concentrated in the diamond would be absent in the coal. That is why the gems are costly possessing the rays of light peculiar to different planets.

The radiation waves transmitted by the particular planets would be picked up and absorbed by the corresponding gems because of the same colour and characteristics. It would not be logical to suggest that the gems would contradict the waves coming to it from their corresponding planet and reject them. Accordingly the gem embedded in a ring touching the skin would transmit these rays of the planet into the body of the native influencing sensory nerves and the cells and thereby the life pattern corresponding to the characteristics of the planet in the horoscope. If the planet is a benefic, the native derives the good effects from the planet. If the planet is a malefic, the gem transmits the bad vibrations of the planet and the native suffers the bad effects.

In view of the above, the Jyotish gems act SAME as their Grahas (planets) and so the gems should be used for a native's ANUKUL GRAHAS (benefic planets) to improve the performance of the benefic influence. The Jyotish gems do not act OPPOSITE of their Grahas and so gems should not be used for a native's PRATIKUL GRAHAS (malefic planets). Thus the malpractice of Pratikul Vad by some confused and irrational astrologers to the detriment even ruination of their misguided clients can be put an end. .

"Daivagna Ratna & Jyotish Aradhakulu" PEMMARAJU V.R.RAYUDU, B.E., M.Tech., Diploma in Management & French,. International Consultant & Researcher-Astrology & Management - Former Senior Scientist & Deputy Director,Defence Research & Development Laboratory,
67 Vinayanagar,Saidabad,HYDERABAD-500059, Andhra Pradesh,India Phone: +91-040-24530210 - E-mails: ;;

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