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Jyotish quality

EXAMPLE: One of the SIX PGA CODES OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS is a rule against Jyotish use of "Very Flawed" stones, corals, or pearls. On the left is an auspicious "amala" pure quartz crystal ball; and on the right is a lowly and inauspicious "Very Flawed" quartz crystal ball. The difference is obvious.

Shastric Evidence: "If anyone wears a gem with many flaws (even) out of ignorance, then grief, anxiety, sickness, death, loss of wealth and other evils torment them."--- Sri Garuda Purana:1.70.19

Doshi (junk)
Question by Kai Figdor, PGA ... Replies by Richard Shaw Brown, PG

Question: Why does the PGA have 6 Codes & an Off-List?

We need the support of the well known astrologers in Germany and the other German speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland. It would be nice to bring them together as PGA Members. I know most of them more or less. What I have heard already (they all know your website) that they don't like your Offlist - and I agree with this point. Here in Europe is a complete different thinking about this point an I'll try to bring this thinking closer to you. If you go to 10 different astrologers in Europe you will get 10 different prescriptions of Gems. All say that they are right because they got the knowledge from her master, his tradition or/and her own experience. But nobody would say in public that he is true and someone else is wrong. We do what we think is right and other people do what they think is right. We are not interested to blame other people because they have done something else as we did. Here everybody is doing what in his view is right, we are not given a lot of attention to that what other people are doing is right or wrong. I know that well because I deal with the gems and I work with the astrologers. My job is to give the people a good stone with a supporting deva. For me I have decided to be neutral in this point. Maybe your book would help to unit more astrologers. The thinking is that it is the personal choice of somebody for this or another astrologer. Now he will get what his karma is. It is not a question of right or wrong. You see the point? The problem is that the astrologers would not accept the PGA Website with an Off-List. As well without an Off list it would be difficult to unit people in Germany. They like to do things by her own. But it would be worth to try.

Reply PART I: Concerning EU astrologers not liking the off-list please note that the 6 rules of the PGA were established by voting. You can see the list of voters and the results at (or below). Even in the ordinary world they have rules. Like NO MURDER, or NO SEX WITH MINORS, NO COPY, NO THEFT, even though some people like to do what ever they feel, still they must follow laws, otherwise it is animal life. If Shastra, and our experience, and our voting shows 85% members are against VERY FLAWED GEMS, then that is the rule. And that is Shastra. So those who follow the 6 PGA rules can look respectable as members of the PGA. This means they follow rules, and the public can trust them as PGA members. And the public can also complain against any wrong doers by contacting the PGA. And we can enforce the rules by the OFF-LIST which is for those who do not follow all the PGA rules. Those who disagree are welcome to change or leave, but we must tell the public to be careful of these persons as they do not follow the PGA rules. And these rules are meant to guide the association and protect the public. We cannot have any society where everyone does whatever they want. What if some man wants to kill you... Is that all right!? NO. Because even some one wants to do that, even someone thinks murder is good, even their "master" told them to murder! ...still it is against the law. And laws are voted by the people. The only persons who ape the OFF LIST are people who belong there. Otherwise we would be a useless association of "anything goes!" No one is forced to be a PGA member. But if someone is doing planetary-gemology in a wrong way, according to the PGA rules, then the public has the right to know. And we have duty to warn them. Any one wanting to do things opposite of the PGA are welcome to start their own association for PGA rule breakers called the "Anti PGA". It is an honor to be a PGA member. But without rules it means nothing.

Reply PART II: Regarding the PGA rules, we started as the "Graha Anukul Ratna Vishesajna Parishad" Or the association for those who resort to "Anukul" grahas and the knowledge of their gems. After the voting I realized that to have a pure association we need to drop the small minority of OFF LISTERS so the Assn would be pure and set GOOD standards. There is no way that everyone will agree or join. This is true with any society... Not EVERYONE will join, nor be qualified. So don't expect to unite the astrologers of Germany... Some will join, and we care about them, and we WARN about those who we know who break the PGA codes. For example, some people follow Pratikul (harmful planet) gem prescribing, and they bring great suffering... They should be locked up. But PGA is not the police, so the best we can do is set the rules by voting, then weed out the FEW losers. People who dislike the PGA rules are not good followers of Planetary Gemology, and we don't want them as members. But... We MUST warn the public of their wrongful (by PGA standards) misdeeds. That is one of the stated purposes of the PGA. To set standards and enforce them. Thus the need for an OFF-LIST. Last year 5 off-listers converted back to become code following members. Personally I'll be glad when the OFF LIST is empty. Then everyone will be following the PGA rules and no one will suffer. But that is an impossible dream because there will always be people who disagree. If they disagree with the PGA then they are not allowed to be members. Just like the Boy Scouts... You MUST follow the Scout rules to be a member. And please DO send this reply (above) to your astrologer friends so they know WHY we MUST have codes and OFF LIST in order to be useful. If they like they can join. Advice to them: If you can't beat them, then JOIN them!

Initial Voting Results;

Bangkok - April 15, 2002.  The Planetary Gemologists Association has completed an international survey on four of the most important aspects of Vedic Planetary (Jyotish) Gemology. These are: gem choosing methods, use of synthetics, use of semiprecious gems, and use of very flawed gems. Voting is by PGA Patrons & Members from all over the globe, including very senior and venerable personalities (listed below)...

Here are the initial results:

1. Use of synthetics (lab created) gems in Planetary Gemology ? (total 96 voters) 

10 voted YES or 11% use synthetic stones 
86 voted NO or 89% use only natural gems 

2. Use of natural Upa-ratna (secondary) gems in Planetary Gemology ? (total 96 voters) 

79 voted YES or 82% use natural semi-precious gems 
18 voted NO or 18% use only the 9 primary gems 

3. Use of very flawed gems in Planetary Gemology ? (total 93 voters) 

16 voted YES or 17% use very flawed stones 
77 voted NO or 83% use only fine gems 

4. Gem choosing methods, Anukul or Pratikul ?  (total 90 voters) 

76 voted for Anukul-graha gem choosing or 84% 
14 voted for Pratikul-graha gem choosing or only 16%

Below is the list of voters.


Prof. Dr. Mangal Raj  Joshi
Smt. Gayatri Devi Vasudev

Pandit Vidyadhar Sukul Brahman

Prof. Dr. A. K. Bhattacharya

Dr. Satya Vrat Shastri, Padma Shri

Chakrapani Ullal

Prof. Dr. Usha Satyavrat Shastri 

Aniruddha Dutta
Anjali J.

Arnav  Medhi

Ayyam Perumal Kanaka Sabhapathi 

Benjawan Arparpardh

Bhaskaranand Lohani

Bill Kent

Chandra Prakash Shrivastava

Darshan Diljit Shah

Dennis Harness

Dr. Amar Aggarwal

Dr. Amar Gautam

Dr. Bobbi Anne White

Dr. Damodar Lalla

Dr. Khilanath  Bastakoty

Dr. Kursija S.C.

Dr. Mahha Dah Sheker Raajha

Dr. Neeraj Lalwani

Dr. Nilesh J. Chitalia

Dr. Nimai  Banerjee

Dr. Partap Chauhan

Dr. Randy Stein 

Dr. Sudhir Shah

Dr. Theja Hettiaratchi

Dr. Vikram Pratapsingh Bedi

Edith  Hathaway

G. Kumar 

Ganesh Nathan

Gary Gomes

Gregory  J. de Montfort

Hewa Kurumburage Jayatissa Dharmadasa

Hiranmoy Bhattacharyya

Howard Beckman

Jack Hauck

Jai Maharaj

Jawahar Mutha

Jay Boyle

Jayant Gopinath Kulkarni

Jennifer  Beckman

Joanne Greig

Jose Zaragoza Lopez

K.S.Thampan Kannanchara

Kanitha Brown

Manmohan Tikku

Meena Bhuwania

Nick Hodgson

Mihir Diljit Shah

Mony Singh

Nand Kishore Jhajharia

Nanda  A. Arambewela

Nikhil Lalit Parekh

Orawan Arkun

Pandit Parsai

Panditji Prakash Bharadwaj

Pandit Siddhanthi Nandiraju Purnaiah

Pemmaraju V.R. Rayudu

Raaj Shekhar Padmashri

Ramkrishna Dahake

Raj Kapoor

Rajashekar  S. Rao

Rajiv Verma

Ramamurthy M. Muniswamappa

Ramiah G. Krishnan

Ravindra K Chunodkar

Ravindrian K.K.

Rekha N. Parekh (Mrs.)

Richard S. Brown

R.L. Gupta

Robert Koch

Rodolfo Ciscato

Roeland de Looff

Roger Perry

S. Subba Rao

Sandeep Arora

S.G.V. Ramanam

Shambhu  Lal Daulatani

Sharan Prabhakher

Shikha Jhingran

Shyamasundara Dasa

Sofija  Jasna

Sourav Paul

Sri Swami Shyamananda

Stephen Quong 

Thiruchelvam S. Nadarajah

Tom Hopke

Umamaheshwar Subba Hegde

Vijay Bharti

Vimal Chopra 

Wendy Vasicek 

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