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by Smt Neeta Singhal


By Umesh Kumar U


For more information please click here to down load the SAARC color brochure as a PDF

Congratulations to the PGA's 13th Planetary Gemologist (PG)

Rajiv Golcha, GG, PG, No. 605, Sparta-01, Prestige Acropolis, Next to Forum, Koramangala, Bangalore, PIN-560 025, Mobile +91 99805 12353, Email :

The PGA has a 63 question test for certification as a "PGA" or Planetary Gem Advisor. The PGA test is open book with no time limit so the scoring is strict (8 mistakes is failure to pass).  Most answers can be found on the PGA's WWW site at PGA Courses and successful applicants will receive the "PGA" (Planetary Gem Advisor) Diploma as well as their Membership Certificate.  A successful PGA who is also a 'certified' GEMOLOGIST will be awarded the rare "PG" or PLANETARY GEMOLOGIST Degree. 

Click HERE for the current official list of PGA Graduates.

Astral Gemstone Talismans open elegant on-line Boutique at

Calculate Your Astrological Gems

Parashara's Light Vedic Astrology Software Company has developed an anukul-graha-ratna gem selection feature that some PGA members sponsor and offer to the public as a FREE service. Two of the members offering this feature are AstrologicalGem Dot Com and Astral Gemstone Talismans:

Simply enter your birth data and get immediate results - FREE

The readings are determined using Jyotish (Vedic Sidereal Astrology) based on Lahiri Ayanamsa. We suggest that Vedic horoscope bhava (house) placements be taken into account when deciding between generated options, as gems for planets placed in the 6th (obstacles-enemies), 8th (death-sex), or 12th (loss-falls) houses should probably not be boosted. These prescriptions are not meant to replace the advice of correctly schooled Planetary Gem Advisors employing human intuition - but the results are still interesting and useful.

Notice to anyone else offering this free service: Please let us know and we will inform the public.


Updated pics and info

Jyotish Gem Powers Has Been Updated
With New Pics and Insights

How to Cure Insomnia through Rudraksha Therapy
Video lecture by Srimati Neeta Singhal

Summertime is here again and so is the time for warm weather and relaxing evenings followed by quality sound sleep. However, some of us can’t just stay asleep because of the higher temperature in summer. The hot summer nights keep us tossing and turning around which keeps us far from feeling fresh the next morning.

How to beat the heat this summer? How to maintain the body temperature even if we do not have that breeze on the skin that cools our body? For finding a solution, we first have to find the causes. Generally we think of getting adequate exercise for the body to get good sleep or proper diet that pacifies our stomach and relaxes us for a good night’s sleep. However, these are the external remedies. Although the quality of sleep is not a very serious concern to be taken care of immediately, we should understand the underlying reasons behind insomnia.

What about the root cause of insomnia affecting us during all the seasons including summers? What is it that is blocking the energy from entering our being? What is it that we need to develop in order to avoid the perpetual sleeplessness reflecting in our life?

This video help you substitute your compulsive beliefs with divine knowledge resulting in positive influences. Neeta Singhal’s Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy could be your first step towards liberty from insomnia and may more bodily infirmities.

How to Tackle Summer Insomnia this Year - talk by Smt. Neeta Singhal

<Click to visit Rudra Center in Mumbai

Visit the web site of Richard Shaw Brown
Gem Choosing

When choosing gems we must mentally take note and add up the pluses in a chart. We want to determine which graha or astral demigod is the chart holder's best friend. We should avoid our enemies or ill wishers, and shouldn't associate with them more than necessary. If we have a powerful friend then they can help us, and if we have a weak friend then we could make them stronger. But we should not strengthen our enemies. It is a mistake to equate strength/weakness with friend/foe in astrology or any field - that is common sense. A planet being weak does not mean it is inimical, and a planet's being strong doesn't automatically make it favorable. We want to determine which planets are the most anukul (auspicious); strength is another matter.---Richard Shaw Brown, PG

Gemstone Universe Interview of Gemologist Richard S. Brown

Published in the Jan 2013 Issue of
Bangkok Gems & Jewellery Magazine

Click to download the article as a PDF
Click pic to down load the article as a color PDF
Richard S. Brown, PG

Numbers and Branding

Dr. U. Umesh Kumar, BMAS, PGA

AGT Featured on Cover of Bangkok Gems & Jewellery

Visit the site of Richard S Brown

Thailand's original Jyotish jewelry company Astral Gemstone Talismans was recently featured on the cover of the October 2012 issue of Thailand's premier jewelry industry publication, Bangkok Gems & Jewellery (pictured).

Astral Gemstone Talismans was founded by gemologist and designer Richard Shaw Brown in 1975. Richard, who authored the twice published book, Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talismans, is also founder and current acting secretary of the Planetary Gemologist Association.

Visit Bangkok Gems website

International Astrological Conference 2013

International Astrological conference going to held on1st, 2nd. & 3rd. February 2013 - Organized by the Centre of Astrological Study & Research for Public Welfare, Jamshedpur (TATA), Jharkhand Joint venture-ship with Asian Astrologers’ Congress (Dhaka) Bangladesh and Indian College of Astrology and Astronomy, Kolkata, West Bengal within Eastern India.

Foreign Delegation Fee is $120 dollars excluding all the journey expenses. Those Delegates will come through delegation fee they will get all the facilities after coming to Jamshedpur i.e., Transportation facility from station – Hotel – Hall – Hotel, Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast, Tea & lodging also. This Conference is one of the best Conference among the World. Every year a lot of foreigners are coming from all over the world to see & gather their knowledge of this conference. Delegates have to come in through Dum Dum Airport in Kolkata. From Kolkata to Jamshedpur there are a lot of Express Trains with AC Coach available which will take 4 to 5 hours only. In Jamshedpur Delegates can see the tourist places Shib Mandir at Golpahari (Where God Shiv is staying on hill), Jubilee Park, Dimna Lake, Hoodco, Kinan & JRD Stadium (where International Games are arranged) and in Kolkata tourism places are Kalighat Kali Mandir, Dhakniswar Kalimandir (Ramkrishna Paramahansa Guru of Swami Vivekananda has established this MAA KALI), Belur Math, Zoo, National Library, Bay of Bengal, Hooghly Bridge, Birla Planetorium, Victoria Memorial, Nicco Park , Eden Gardens. Salt Lake Stadium (Where international games are held). The time is the winter season in India. Temperature of Jamshedpur & Kolkata will run between 10-12 degree centigrade.


Founder & Director of Center of Astrological Study & Research for Public Welfare as well as Chief Advisor of the conference Committee is Prof. S. K. Shastry [Mob- +919835197965 / +916572230211(O)]. For more information please contact the Registrar - Hiranmoy Bhattacharyya - at e-mail: / Mob. no +919831575611,,

World’s largest Retail Store Dedicated to Planetary Gemstones Opens in Bangalore.
His Highness, the Maharaja of Mysore inaugurates the store

Bangalore 15th Nov 2012 -- Aside of all the sobriquets Bangalore enjoys, soon ‘Gem of a City’ could probably be added to the list. One can’t feel otherwise while stepping into the ‘Gemstone Universe’ boutique store launched today in Indiranagar, Bangalore’s hotspot. It is a world of planetary gemstones, a first-of-its-kind store. His Highness, Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wadiyar, Maharaja of Mysore, did the honor of cutting the ribbon and lighting the lamp at the inauguration.

Ms. Vani Ganapathy, one of the top Bharata Natyam Dancers of India also graced the occasion. Ms. Vani has danced all over the country and abroad performing for many important dignitaries from Indian and abroad. Ms. Vani runs a dance institution under the name ‘SANCHARI’ where she herself trains a lot of enthusiastic and dedicated youngsters.

Gemstone Universe, the world’s largest retail store exclusively for planetary gemstones, is spread over 3000 sq. ft. with dazzling interiors based on themes from the Zodiac, astrology, Astronomy and Vedic texts. The retail store of 3000 sq ft is part of the Gemstoneuniverse centre of excellence – the with 10,000 sq ft housing a research center, private viewing chambers, state of art gem photography studio and gemological instruments among other facilities right in the heart of Bangalore.

Story by This Week In Bangalore Dot Com – Nov 16, 2012

For More Information see
Pt. Brij Bihari Sharma Becomes PGA Honorary Patron

The PGA is honored to welcome outstanding Vedacharya and Jyotishacharya Pandit Brij Bihari Sharma, founder of Vedic Life Mission in Kanpur, U.P., India. Pandit B.B. Sharma has throughly studied Sanskrit and Vedas, Vastu Shastra and Vedic Jyotish from "Sampurnanand University" of Varanasi in India. He also holds degrees of Shastri Sahita Charya and M.A. in Vedic and Hindi and Philosophy.

Pandit B.B. Sharma has visited many countries such as U.K., Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong and many places and cities in India to perform Vedic Yagyas. Pandit Sharma has also written a book on Vastu Shastra (Indian Architecture) titled "Bhartiya Vastu Chandrika" and for the last 25 years he has been publishing annual Hindu calendar book named "Tithi Chandrika". In 2012 180,000 copies of Tithi Chandrika were printed and distributed in 45 centers of India and abroad. "Jyotish Rashiphal" a weekly horoscope by Pandit B.B. Sharma is published in the National Edition of "DainikJagran" a widely read daily newspaper in India. Vedic Life Mission has been working since 2000 and has performed over 15,000 Yagyas. The PGA is honored to have his support.

Pandit Brij Bihari Sharma, Jyotish and Vedacharya, Founder: VEDIC LIFE MISSION, Sri Thakurji Temple, 55/64 Kahoo Kothi, Kanpur, U.P. - 208001, India, Tel : +91-983-936-0800 / +91-945-021-0352, E-mail :

Beauty Chakraborty Becomes PGA Honorary Patron
Beauty Chakraborty is President of the Astrological College (Indian College of Astrology & Astronomy) and President of West Bengal State Committee of Asian Astrologers' Congress (Dhaka)

Ar. Beauty Chakraborty may be contacted care of Nivedan Appartment- Flat-2A, 2nd Floor, 254, West Ghosh Para Road , Shyamnagar 743127, 24-Pargana (North), West Bengal , India, Tel : +91-03325865703 & Mobile No- +919830272528, E-mail :

Natabara Excels With Prolific Blog
Follow Natabara's Blog

Recently we have started the above PGA BLOGGERS. Some bloggers buttons are directed to their own website blog, but others are directly PGA bloggers. Among all those active right now Natabara Das is by far the most prolific. Please check out and follow this link

Visit Pt Pravin's Web site
PGA Founder-Member Pandit Pravinji Moves to Antioch


Pandit Pravinji, PGA, 1205, Oak Haven Way, Antioch, CA. 94531-8099, USA, Tel. No. 925 757 3816,

Dr. Md. Anisul Haque of Bangladesh Chairman of AAC (Dhaka) kindiling the Lamp (05th. February) of 21st. Asian Astrologers’ Conference-2012 at Kolkata . Prof, S.K. Shastry ,Jamshedpur [Secretary General of AAC(Dhaka)] (in right of DR. Md.Haque & in left) Ar. Hiranmoy Bhattacharyya,Kolkata (VP. Of AAC West Bengal State Committee,India).

News about 21st. Asian Astrologers’ Conference -2012 at Kolkata , India

21st Asian astrologers’ Conference -2012 was organised by Indian College of Astrology & Astronomy,Kolkata Joint Ventureship with Asian Astrologers’ Congress (Dhaka), Bangladesh & Centre of Astrological Study & Research for Public Welfare , Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Kolkata is Kingdom of West Bengal. And West Bengal & Jharkhand are the States of Eastern India. This Conference is running Twelve years. This Conference is known as the best & knowlegable & successful Conference among in all other renownd Conference of India. Many foreigns & Indian astrologers from different states all over the India are coming in this conference by expending their valuable times & money for sharing the knowledges.

This Conference commenced on 04th. & 05th. February-2012 at Samaj Sadan (Nazrul Mancha), near Dhakhineswar Kali Mandir of 24-Pargana (North),Kolkata. Dhakhineswar Mandir is renownd spiritual place . when Tourists are coming in Kolkata ( Easter part of India) they always intend to see this mandir. Because Ramkrishna Paramahansa Dev the Guruji of Swami Vivekananda had seen the The God MAA KAL I and she instruct Ramkrishna Paramhansha for foundation of her embodiment. There also a meditation room . Lot of peoples who are interested for meditation they can take place do the meditation as per their timing ability.

The one side View of Foreign Astrologers are in the audience of 21st. Asian Astrologers’ Conference on 04th. & 05th. February-2012, at Kolkata, organised by Indian College of Astrology & Astronomy Joint ventureship with AAC(Dhaka) & CASAR Welfare,Jamshedpur.

The another side view of Indian & Foreign Astrologers are in the audience of 21st. Asian Astrologers’Conference on 04th.& 05th. February-2012 at Kolkata, organised by ICAA & Joint ventureship with AAC(Dhaka) & CASAR Welfare, Jamshedpur.

Prof. D.V.W Harischandra of Srilanka kindling the Inauguration lamp of 1st. day (04th.February) of 21st Asian Astrologers’ Conference -2012 at Kolkata . Extreem left of the photograph Smt. Beauty Chakraborty,Kolkata (Chairperson of Indian College of Astrology & Astronomy & President of AAC West Bengal State Committee,India),next Prof. S.K.Shastry, Jamshedpur [ Secretary General of AAC (Dhaka)], next Ar. Hiranmoy Bhattacharyya,Kolkata (VP of AAC West Bengal State Committee,India)

The Chief of this Conference is Smt. Beauty Chakraborty and further any kind of information or any quieries you are requested to give the mail by talk Ar. Hiranmoy Bhattacharyya, VP. Of Indian College of Astrology & Astronomy- Kolkata. E-mail – &, & mobile no. +91-9831575611.

Gemstones – Why Are They So Out-Of-Reach for You?

Guruji Shrii Arnav, PGA (HC)

Find Your Rhythm with Your Planetary Gemstones

by Abhijita Kulshrestha, PGA

Learn more about General Prem
Former Thai Prime Minster General Prem visits one of Astral Gemstone Talismans many locations around Bangkok. H.E. was greeted by four AGT sales advisors, all PGAs
Royal Patronage & Recognition for Bangalore’s
Guruji Shrii Arnav and Gemstone Universe

Guruji Shrii Arnav and Maharaja Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wodeyar Bahadur
in the Gemstone Universe Gem Gallery.

His Highness, The King of Mysore and the scion of the royal family, Member of Parliament for 4 times and the present President of Karnataka Cricket Board, Maharaja Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja Wodeyar Bahadur graced the premises of Gemstone Universe in Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA with his presence and visited their Gem Gallery of Fine, Natural and unheated gemstones. His Highness appreciated & admired the work being done by their organization towards development of planetary gemology and he viewed a sampling of their collection of rare and exquisite gemstones.
Healing Matrix Opens Rudraksha Centres Across India

Neetaji at the opening in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Mrs. Indira Gandhi wore them; so do Yehudi Menuhin, B. K. S. Iyengar, Amitabh Bachchan, Bal Thackery, Shammi Kapoor, Murali Manohar Joshi, Sri Sri Ravishanker, Mata Amritanandayi Devi, Tamil Actress Khusboo or for that matter Rajanikanth. Probably the best of the berries ever produced in the alternative therapies, is catching on like never before.
PGA Ruling Committee Appoints New Members
The PGA Ruling Committee has unanimously appointed two new members, Sriman Arnavji and Smt. Neetaji

***Guruji Shrii Arnav, PGA (HC), 2/12 - 5, 3 floor, Sripeetam Building, 5th Main Road, Prakash Nagar, 4th N Block Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560 010, Karnataka, India, Tel: 61 80 2 332-9789, Email:

***Ms. Neeta Singhal, PGA (HC), Rudra Centre Shop No 9, Emerald Complex Near Imax Adlabs, Bhakti Park Anik Wadala Link Road, Wadala (E) Mumbai-400037 Maharashtra, (INDIA), Tel: 91-9322688120 Email :

Ayurvedic Gems

Heal your mind, body and soul with Gem Therapy and Ayurveda-Balance the tridoshas of the body with Ayurveda Gemstone Therapy.

Guruji Shrii Arnav, PGA (HC)

New PG book in Malayam by Sivaraam Babu Kumar, PGA

A new "Planetary Gemology" book, "NAVARATNA VISHESHANGAL" (in malayalam) was released in the full day astrology seminar conducted by M/s Astrovision. The release was done by Binod Hariharan and Astrologer P.G.Nambiar in the presence of learned astrologers Sri. Kanipayyur Narayan Namboodiri, Sri. R. G. Thuravoor and Sri. Hari Menon at Bharat Tourist Home, Ernakulam on 25th September 2010. Around 400 astrology lovers (practicing astrologers and astrology students) participated in the function and the author presided over the function.

For more information contact:

Planetary Gemology Goes iPhone & iPad
Click to purchase on iTunes App Store
Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talismans II
By Richard Shaw Brown, PG


“A complete guide on gems in astrology”---The Astrological Magazine of India

Winner of the PMA's “1996 Benjamin Franklin Award”--- this eBook App is available for both iPhone and iPad. The App contains special controls for adjusting font size, book-marking pages, leaving written or voice notes, etc. It can also be viewed in landscape mode for easy reading. Touching any picture brings it to full size. The eBook is filled with awesome color illustrations of gemstone talismans created and numbered by author and designer Richard Shaw Brown. This is the 2nd edition, with 8 additional chapters on everything from Kailash Shila to Lakshmi Conch.


NEW ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE: MODERN ASTROLOGY The NEW ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE which was started as a successor to THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE founded by Dr.B.V.Raman and which was edited by his daughter Gayatri Devi Vasudev after his demise in 1998 until her resignation from the Editorship in June 2007 now comes to you as MODERN ASTROLOGY. As with its predecessor, MODERN ASTROLOGY has been widely welcomed by the astrology community as well as by the lay readership and now has an international readership.
Annual subscription rates in India Rs. 360. For other Asian countries --Sri Lanka, Burma, Pakistan, etc., it is Rs.1200/- (necessitated by the high postal charges), USA & EUROPE US$ 55

Payable Agrany Publications, 56, ITI Layout IV East Main Road, Banshankari III Stage, Bangalore 560 085 India

Prof. Shastri Honored with Padma Bhushan

For those not familiar with the highest National Awards of India, the award "Padma Bhushan" is very lofty in deed. I'm proud to attach this new letter from Govt of India, informing my dear friend, Prof Dr Satya Vrat Shastri, of his being awarded, "Padma Bhushan" (He has already been awarded "Padma Shree" years ago). So far his awards in Sanskrit, including recent "Jnanapith", bring his total of awards in Sanskrit to 67. It's another proud day for all Indians.

Do Gemstones Work-No They Don’t for 90% of the People.

Alteration of Karmic Life Map is a Herculean Task

By Guruji Shrii Arnav, PGA (HC)

Jnanpith Award Ceremony for Prof Dr Satya Vrat Shastri - 19th August, 2009, New Delhi India. Shastri's former student, The Princess of Thailand, was Guest of Honor. Prof. Shastri, a PGA Founding Patron, is the first person to receive the Jnan-pith Award for Sanskrit.

PGA welcomes new "PG" Planetary Gemologist
John F. Stampfli

John F. Stampfli is the Founder and President of The Stampfli Group. His background includes management positions with Ernst & Young, LLP and KPMG, LLP where he was a subject matter expert in international trade. John was also the Manager of Logistics for Unisys Corporation where he had direct responsibility for import/export operations, regulatory compliance and international and domestic transportation.

John received a BA in History from California State University, Fullerton. In addition, he holds Professional Designations in International Business Management and International Trade from the University of California, Los Angeles and is a Certified and Registered Gemologist. He is only the 13th person to achieve this PG Diploma. The PGA is honored to welcome Mr, Stampfli, PG.

NEW: Kampeer Krungpradap-Koobharamee Color eBook


Richard Shaw Brown's Benjamin Franklin Award winning classic, "Ancient Astrological Gemstones & Talismans - 2nd Edition since 1995 with 8 additional Chapters and full color improved design, is now available in Thai language as a a full-color, large-format eBook.

More Honors & Awards for PGA Honorary Founder Patron
Prof. Dr. Satya Vrat Shastri, Padma Shree

Silver & Gold Collection by Astral Gemstone Talismans

AGT has started creating numbered talismans in Sterling Silver and 21k Gold Trim that are more affordable to the general public. Below are four examples. For more information contact

Rudraksha Jagat-Guru Sri Kamal Narayan Seetha becomes PGA Honorary Patron

Kamal Narayan Seetha
, Rudra Centre, Shop No 9, Emerald Complex, Near Imax Adlabs, Bhakti Park, Anik Wadala Link Road, Wadala (E) Mumbai-400037 Maharashtra, (INDIA), Tel: (0)-(91)-22-24046611, 24046655, E-mail:

"Talk Presentation On Gemology and Planetary Gemstones"
Planetary Gemologist Tan Kah Yeow gave a "Talk Presentation On Gemology and Planetary Gemstones" on 24-08-2008 (Sunday) at 4pm to 6pm, at Nyonya Baba Association in Penang, Malaysia.

By leading expert Sri Kamal Narayan Seetha, founder of Rudra Center in Mumbai


Tan Kah Yeow, RGA, RG, PG, AJP, No. 90, Argyll Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia. Mobile: (006)017-4786365  Tel/Fax: (006)04-2634472, E-mail:

The PGA is honored to welcome Mr. Dan Cooper, GG, PG - who is our 11th Planetary Gemologist

Ms Neeta, Director Rudra Centre, and Shree Rajeev Krishna Dasa, Director
Visit PGA Secretary, Richard Shaw Brown, PG, in Bangkok recently


The PGA is honored to welcome Mr. Loren Minner, GG, FGA, PG - who is our 10th Planetary Gemologist

Here is an "insiders" knowledge of gem quality. What most people buy are junk (bad) gems, or bluff stones. Only real expert collectors can decern the REAL "gem" (good) quality of a gem and amongst them is the shared understanding that the top quality are very rare and high cost.

Imagine: There are 3 kinds of gems 1) Jyotish (good) Quality 2) Doshi (bad) quality... and 3) Bluff (???) quality. ---Bluff means a stone or gem that looks free of problems, but these are hidden in the cutting and setting, as much as possible. These are defective gems that are not in the category of GOOD, nor bad. They are kind of useless, not good, not {totally) bad!??-- kind of "blah!!!"

The trick is to buy the defective stone at a really cheap price because it's bad quality, then recut the gem and create a setting to hide the major or minor flaws...this looks like "jyotish" quality and sells for top quality prices, or even discounted prices, still the biggest profit margin is in bluff gem jewelry. And that includes "cultured" as a BLUFF "pearl"

So, bad is bad, and bluff is so so, but jyotish quality, such as "natural" pearl, clean emerald, etc., is the most rare and most expensive. Such top quality gems hold a very small profit margin because starting costs are so extemely high (compared to common bluff stones) that they cannot be marked up like ordinary jewelry (bluff stones). It requires a high level of sophistication to identify true quality and values.

A person advised to wear a 5 carat emerald is a fool if they spend Rs. 500-5000 for a 5 carat emerald, because in that price only very low (bad) quality is available. A person of knowledge knows that such a perfect 5 carat flawless gem is available, but cost is anywhere from US$3,000-$6,000 per carat, meaning minimum price would be over $15,000.

If poor people can't afford jyotish quality, then they should go for "uparatna" in jyotish quality. Such as clean peridot in place of bad emerald. It is not an irony that healthy people are not seeking the "cure"---In this manner we understand that wealthy people (who can afford the best) are not interested in talismans. The irony is that those who cannot afford Jyotish gems are usually the only ones seeking them. And what they usually get, at best, is BLUFFED!

VIP Astrological Guru Pandit Sanjay Rath is new PGA Honorary Patron
Planetary Gemologists Association,
C3 Building, Lumpini Night Bazaar,
1875 Rama 4 Road, Lumpini,
Bangkok 10330, Kingdom of Thailand
Kind Attn: Mr. Richard Shaw Brown, PG
Dear Richard,
We acknowledge with pleasure, the efforts made by you and the Planetary Gemnologists Association in promoting awareness about Jyotisa Quality gemstones and their proper use. Specifically, the information, documentation and proof about the following is very much appreciated.
1.       The continuing debate on anukula (favourable, risk free) and pratikula (unfavourable, appeasement) gemstones. In principle, we strongly support the use of anukula gemstones and would recommend a pratikula gemstone only if it was involved in a strong favourable yoga in a kendra (quadrant).

2.       The nava-ratna or nine principal gemstones of the navagraha, their definitions of quality including colour, clarity etc. All the nine gemstones are ideally used with the ruby in the centre surrounded with the other eight gems in an eight-petal heart lotus formation, as a pendant. We have been admiring your beautiful creations.

3.       Discussion on gemstone conflicts are interesting and in principle we have found them to alter the strength of the principal gemstone in a negative manner, provided they do not form a part of any yoga.

4.       Bogus and Genuine Lakshmi Shanka information at the website is very helpful and we hope to see your continued efforts in this direction in the future as well.
We acknowledge and accept with thanks, your offer to be an Honorary Patron of the Planetary Gemologists Association.
With best wishes,
Yours truly,
(Sanjay Rath)

Sri Mangala Party...Richard Brown launches 9th Designs Book in style

Navaratna Collection Dedicated to King of Thailand

“Mangala – Royally Auspicious – Collection, 2007”

The definitive collection of the “Thai King’s Official Symbol”

Sri Navaratna, the Nine Sacred Gems – was finally revealed to the world on December 1st, 2006 at the Four Seasons Hotel’s Grand Ballroom in Bangkok. Astral Gemstone Talisman’s (AGT’s) designer Richard Shaw-Brown II just completed his 9th collection of precious jewelry – Mangala – Royally Auspicious – 2007. He created this collection as an accolade to 9 generations of the Chakri Dynasty and specifically dedicated it to Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama 9 Maharaja).

Click cover to view the collection

Red Coral – The Gem of Mars
by Guruji Shrii Arnav, PGA (HC)

Click to read
Click on Sri Ganesha to read

The gemstone representing the positive powers of the planet Mars according to Vedic astrology and Navagraha gemology is Red Coral.

Mars is also known as Mangal, Kuja, Angaraka, Bhoomi Putra and Chevvai. It is the planet of courage, initiative, vitality, vigour, aggression and controls the blood system of the body. Mars is the commander of the army of Gods.

Here we will, analyze ascendant wise the combination in which Red Coral is suitable for individuals. This gemstone instills material success, removal of complexes and fears, courage and the ability to stand strong in challenging situations. Continued...

Courtesy of Astral Gemstone Talismans
Sri Gomeda in Shastra

The ideal color for hessonite is an intense orange hue appearing like a mixture of honey, blood and moonlight with a brilliant copper-colored sparkle.

Hessonites which are flawed, lack luster, or white or bluish in color are considered inferior and inauspicious. Hessonites of poor quality are common, while fine peaces are so rare that the ancients considered them the most blessed of all gems in the world.

A pure hessonite sparkling with internal fire and set in a golden ornament is the ultimate talisman, capable of increasing the life span, the progeny, and the happiness of its owner. It can also remover evil thoughts and motives from the owner's mind.

Any man possessing such a praiseworthy hessonite, even if only for ornamental purposes would surely become wealthy and famous in this lifetime.

--- Sri Garuda Puranam: Chap. 75



Lightning WHELK

Now, in this Kali Yuga, bogus is taken as real. There is only one real Lakshmi Shank, and that is Valampuri Turbinella Pyrum from Indian Seas. This shell is sacred, very rare and valuable, costing hundreds of thousands of Rupees. But certain dealers are selling another type of shell, Lightning Whelk (busycon contrarium) from North America, a common Whelk shell, and calling as a SHANK (Conch), as "Valampuri" or "Dakshinvarti Lakshmi Shank". This is either ignorance of the truth OR fraud. Either way the result is the same, i.e., getting a BOGUS Valampuri. BUYER BEWARE!

Click the pic to see the list

Complete List of Vedic & Buddhist Sacred Objects:

Natural Hallowed Objects of Asia

Compiled by Richard Shaw Brown, Pt. S. P. Tata, and various Authors

(Note: Does not include sacred by-products such as Milk, Honey, etc, nor cremation relics, nor grains like rice, etc.

A sacred object is here defined not as a sacred article or ingredient of worship, but as an object of worship presided over by a Deity or associated with a Deity that inspires it's meta physical potency - a power source or over-lord)

Interesting Information from Mani Mala on Planetary Gemology

Mani Mala by S. M. Tagore (C) 1879

Translation of sloka 79: Procedure for Gifting Gems for Retrograde Planets:

Faultless ruby of good quality for Sun, pearl for Moon, coral for Mars, emerald for Mercury, yellow sapphire for Jupiter, diamond for Venus, the faultless blue sapphire for Saturn and for the others (obviously Rahu and Ketu) garnet and cat's eye gem.

Translation of sloka 80-81: Procedure for Taking (wearing) Gems for Retrograde Planets:

If the Sun were to be retrograde it is cat's eye gems which is considered auspicious, if it were the Moon, it is blue sapphire, if it is Mars, it is ruby, if it is Mercury, it is ruby, if it is Jupiter, it is pearl, if it is Venus, it is diamond, if it is Saturn, it is blue sapphire, if it is Rahu, one should wear garnet and if it is Ketu, one should go in for emerald.

This information does not necessarily represent the views and policies of the PGA.

+ sri gurave namah +

Dear All,

I have been sincerely following the Anukula school for a long time and strongly advise the gemstone of lord of dharma (9th house) and lagnesha. So kindly follow this as it is a *no risk* method and enhances the good qualities and sattva guna.

With best wishes & warm regards,

Yours truly
Sanjay Rath

Ninth "PG" (Planetary Gemologist) Graduates with Honours

John Richard James Scott, BSc, DVM, CH, FGA, FCGmA, CAHP, RA, PG, 1502-1450 Chestnut Street, VANCOUVER, BC V6J 3K3, CANADA, had outstanding PGA test results earning an A+. This makes Mr. Scott the 9th bona fide Planetary Gemologist on Earth. Note: A "PG" is BOTH a PGA Graduate "Planetary Gem Advisor" (PGA) and also a Certified (mundane) Gemologist. This is a very rare combination. We welcome Mr. Scott as a respected member of the Planetary Gemologists Association Global.

Genuine Sri Valampuri Turbinella Pyrum Lakshmi Conch with genuine Gandaki Vajra-kita Shalagram Shila

Planetary Gemologists Association

GEM: A natural pearl, coral, shell, seed, tooth, or mineral that is valued for its durability, rarity, portability, beauty, perfection or astrological metaphysical influence.

GEMOLOGY: The study of naturally occurring gems.

PLANETARY GEMOLOGY: (Ratna-vijnana or Ratna-para-vidya) Ancient Vedic science of the relationship between 9 (categories of) GEMS and 9 (categories of ) PLANETS recognized as most important in sidereal astrology and ayurveda. Based on the "Navaratna" philosophy of Vedic birthstones.

PLANETARY GEMOLOGIST (PG): A practitioner who is BOTH a Certified Gemologist as well as being a Planetary Gem Advisor (PGA) qualified to determine gem choosing based on Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

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The "Graha-anukul ratna-visheshajna parishad" or Planetary Gemologists Association (PGA), is a necessary regulatory and research group formed to help unite all genuine Planetary Gemologists around the world. 

Purpose of the Planetary Gemologists Association is fourfold:

1) To bring order and positive worldwide attention to the ancient science of Planetary Gemology, one of the 64 Asian arts that incorporate Vedic (sidereal) astrology, Ayurveda, and elite mineralogy.

2) To establish high standards of professionalism and expertise as requirements for membership, which will serve as a guarantee of  integrity and excellence to the public.

3) To maintain a forum for deliberation into the subtle mysteries of "Planetary Gemology," and to present these findings and conclusions by publishing an annual Journal named the "Journal of the Planetary Gemologists Association."

4) To serve as a bona fide Institute of Planetary Gemology that provides "Socially Responsible Information" (SRI) leading to a final exam for qualification as a PGA (Planetary Gem Advisor). NOTE: A Planetary Gemologist (PG) is a certified PGA who is also a certified Gemologist. PG and PGA Diplomas will be awarded to successful applicants. Click the sample diploma if you are ready to take the PGA - TEST

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The Sanskrit name for the PGA was composed by HONORARY PATRON Prof. Dr. Satya Vrat Shastri, Padma Shri