How Numbers Influence Branding


Branding is what you are known for. Good Branding is the act of becoming known for something that you do above your other competitor. Branding can be for company you work for or for a Brand called YOU. You may be an Artist, Astrologer, Engineer, Doctor, Marketing Manager or Business man. Think about brand of yourself first before you make a brand for your company. Brand Making Strategy would be successful only if you are a good Brand Manager. One may call it coincidence but the fact is there is influence of numbers even in Brands.

J.O.C.K.E.Y – 1+6+3+2+5+7=24 and 2+4= 6

The numerological sum total of JOCKEY brand comes to Number 6. This is a number ruled by planet Venus. This is a true romantic number. The brand is one of the top most marketing brand for beautiful inner garments. This number represents beauty. It is astounding. Each letter of a name or Brand name has its own number and power. Everything in the world is mind , energy and intelligence. In India, Hindus chant a mantra/prayer named VISHNU SAHASRANAMAM (1000 names of Lord Vishnu-Hindu Deity). This is very good example which illustrates various names of the same diety with various powers for various 1000 names. So each name has a power of its own. Numbers have influence on brands. If the date of birth of the person/brand manager/CEO is also known, it becomes easy in making a Brand Management Strategy which would touch the sky.

The First Point about Brand Management Statergy. Detailed Management principles with Astro Numerology & Planetary gemology remedial measures will be covered in next parts. Once one decide to create a Brand Management Strategy for himself or for his company.

The next step is to define how to increase the sales of his products or services. We should define it from the consumer point of view ie how to get new customers to try our products or services? Or How to get current buyers to consume more of our products or services like that.

The next important point is about the Competition. You should know about competition and also should know about yourself. Both these information’s are important. If you know the competition (Enemy) and know Yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for even victory gained, you will also suffer defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy itself. So in building a strong brand, you need to know your own brand as well as what competiting brands are offerings. To drive consumers to choose your brand over competition, you will need to evaluate how much relevant is your product for your target consumers? How differentiated is it in the category.? You are not just selling the product but the whole benefit concept behind the offering. This will surely help you in Marketing Battle field.

The importance of Brand Manager and Brand Management Strategy is very important. In today’s scenario when the time has become a precious commodity, every second has to be productive. Competition is a painful thing. It ensures survival of the fittest. The quality of Brand Manager and the Brand Management Strategy are equally important.

Now I’ll try to explain about the influence of numbers in a Brand Manager (which in turn will reflect his comfort zone-Brand Marketing).

Number 1 = This number talks about Ambition to rise in career front. To make brand management strategy ambition is very important. Leadership qualities are also represented by this number. It is also a number of expression and communication. One can not have buyers for the company if one is not able to convey his strategy to the customers. Effective communication is very important not only for building business relationships but also for survival of the Brand especially during testing times. In Planetary Gemology, Sun is the Planet governing this number and its Gem is RUBY. This gem may be used to empower the power of 1.

Number 2 = This number gives you energy to remain active and developing good relationship with clients. I have seen people having number 2 influenced either in birth chart or numerology, good communicators and best personality. The most important is this number provides good thoughts. For a Brand Manager, good thoughts are most important because Thoughts = Actions= Results. Good Thoughts leads to Good Actions and Good Action leads to Good Results. That way Thoughts are very important for a Brand Manager. In Planetary Gemology, Moon is the Planet governing this number and its Gem is PEARL. This gem may be used to empower the power of 2.

Number 3 = This number makes a person work with systematic approach and planning . It also makes him good and convincing conversationalist. It makes one versatile. To have long lasting career in marketing one must have variation and tendency to experiment which comes from 3. In Hindu traditions, number 3 is represented by planet JUPITER who is the Teacher of Gods ( he is also named Guru meaning Teacher). So even Sun (and all other planets) has to stand up in front of their teacher Guru. This is the importance of this number 3. In business strategy this number gives relationship building, verbal skills, makes one very active and also full of ideas. A Brand Manager should have full of new new ideas time to time. In Planetary Gemology its Gem is Yellow Sapphire . This gem may be used to empower the power of 3.

Number 4 = This number makes the person curious, logical ,scientific and goal oriented etc. It gives capability to shape statergy practically. In Planetary Gemology , Rahu is the Planet governing this number and its Gem is Hessonite. This gem may be used to empower the power of 4.

Number 5 = This number gives positive attitude to a person. This number gives stability. With out this number’s energy one cannot turn impossible in to possible. This number makes the Brand Manager determined. In Planetary Gemology, Mercury is the Planet governing this number and its Gem is EMERALD. This gem may be used to empower the power of 5.

Number 6 = This number gives opportunity to show the talent of the brand manager. As we know if there is no opportunity it will act as a block for success. It is always one chance that makes or breaks a person. This chance or Opportunity is provided by this number. In Planetary Gemology, Venus is the Planet governing this number and its Gem is Diamond. This gem may be used to empower the power of 6.

Number 7 = This number makes one very trust worthy person or a reliable person which is very important for a person in the field of marketing. If the person is not trust worthy, he would cheat the company or his customers and run away. This number also makes the person highly spiritual, in the sense he believes in the Supreme power. It helps in making impression on others. This number always inspires one to learn new techniques. I think with globalizatio and competition, in today’s scenario, we need to be constantly learning and upgrading our skills, new product developments etc. So all these energies come from this number. So this is a very lucky number for a brand manager ( in my view). Some numerologist says, this is a number of spirituality so he cannot succeed in marketing. I do not agree with this view totally. Of course, these people cannot do unethical business deals. In Planetary Gemology, KETU is the Planet governing this number and its Gem is CATS EYE. This gem may be used to empower the power of 7.

Number 8 = This number stands for Hard Work. Hard working is very essential for any business man or brand manager. As we are aware we have to do our part well. We know there are 3 types of luck. First one is Planetary Luck ( that the influence of planets at the time of birth). This is not under our control. Second one is Earthly luck ( the luck which is obtained from the place we live in or work in). To some extent it can be changed. Vastu or Feng shui is based on this principle. The third type of luck is entirely in our control which is Man Made Luck which simply means hard work or not working any thing. So let us do hard work and empower the so called “ Man made luck. In Planetary Gemology, SATURN is the Planet governing this number and its Gem is BLUE SAPPHIRE.This gem may be used to empower the power of 8.

Number 9 = This number stands for Intelligence. It gives energy to make an Attempt. It is a creative number. It helps in spreading the Fame all over the world. It gives immense courage and energy and also a strong desire to serve others. The brand manager should have courage and energy to meet buyers for negotiation , attend trade fairs etc, In Planetary Gemology , MARS is the Planet governing this number and its Gem is RED CORAL This gem may be used to empower the power of 9.

Suppose Date of Birth of a Brand Manager is 2-5-1989. He is working with a company in International Operations that wants to launch new brands as well as aggressively marketing existing brands such as, for example, Cosmetics.

Refer to his Lo Shu Grid:

He is missing number 4, 3, 6 and 7 – and he needs the energy of these missing numbers.

As he wants to do brand marketing of cosmetics he should get the energies of number 6 representing Venus. Cosmetics are mostly loved by girls and women: Females. Venus is a feminine planet. He cannot change his birth date to include the missing numbers So he can select a mobile number which contains the missing numbers in his Lo Shu Grid chart viz 4, 3, 6 and 7. Or he can select a PEARL. The reason for pearl is because when we add those missing number we get number 4+3+6+7=20=2. This number 2 is giving the effect of all the missing numbers. His birth number is also 2 so there is no harm in using genuine Pearl.

Best Regards,

Dr. U. Umesh Kumar, BMAS, PGA, Jyothis Visharad, Jyothis Bhooshanam, Class 1 Registered Medical Practioner ( Alternative Medicine), Planetary Gem Advisor (Bangkok), Vedic Astrologer.