Congratulations to the PGA’s 15th Planetary Gemologist (PG)


Parag Gohil, GG, PG, Diligence Gems Consultant, B/4 Shreenath Darshan, M.K. College Road, Factory Lane, Borivali West, Mumbai 400092, India, Tel: 02231921793, E-mail:

The PGA has a 63 question test for certification as a “PGA” or Planetary Gem Advisor. The PGA exam is open book with no time limit and with strict scoring (8 mistakes is failure to pass). Most answers can be found on the PGA’s WWW site at PGA Courses and successful applicants will receive the “PGA” Planetary Gem Advisor Diploma as well as their PGA Membership Certificate. A successful PGA who is also a ‘certified’ GEMOLOGIST will be awarded the rare “PG” or PLANETARY GEMOLOGIST Degree. Click HERE for the current official list of PGA Graduates.