Sri Navaratna – The Nine Gems. A “Nava Ratna” talisman set with nine perfect gems. In the center is a 95% flawless “red lotus” colored 1 carat Burmese RUBY surrounded by flawless diamond, flawless moonstone, flawless red coral, flawless hessonite, flawless blue sapphire, flawless cat’s eye, flawless yellow sapphire, and flawless tsavorite…read more
THE PLANETARY HERBS. A Kavacha or “talisman” is not only the gem, which represents the earth element. A real Astral Talisman is composed of all 5 elements, i.e., gem for earth, herb for water, metal for fire, symbol for air, and cosmic number for space. This process of “Pancha-amrita” astral talisman making is the most bona fide. Even the Western alchemists are known to use herbs as the “water” ingredient in an Astral Talismans. These herbs have been ritually turned into “bhasma” or sanctified ashes. Read more
Today 99% of the people we see using pearls are actually using CULTURED- pearls. These cultured-pearls are considered to have little astrological (Moon) influence, if any, because the main body of the so-called pearl is NOT PEARL, but some pre-formed shell-ball implant. That means it is not a natural complete unit, but just a thin covering of real pearl substance (called nacre) on the surface of a pre-shaped and pre-sized non-pearl bead. Read more…
SRI CHINTAMANI COLLECTION – New Vedic Talisman Designs 2005
SIX COLLECTION New Vedic Talisman Designs 2004
VOOM COLLECTION New Vedic Talisman Designs 2003
ART & SOUL COLLECTION 3 – New Vedic Talisman Designs 2002
ART & SOUL COLLECTION 2 – New Vedic Talisman Designs 2000
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