Cultured Pearls?? Stop kidding yourself!


A ruby that is not all ruby is NOT a ruby. A Pearl that is not all pearl (nacre) is not a pearl. They do not create Cultured pearls from grains of sand. If they did – and the nacre was covered in the circular formation of natural, then I would call that as natural.

In fact they use large pre-formed non-pearl balls which are covered in a thin skin of nacre. But 98% of the body of most cultured pearls are NOT made of pearl, only 2-5% is the nacre cover. So the gem labs Xray like a cross section and natural shows “0” nucleus and has formed of nacre entirely and uniquelly round circular from surface all the way to the center…ALL Pearl. A sacred single unit right to the heart. That is what a REAL pearl is. A precious GEM.

Please see above diagram. Using cultured pearls is an illusion and when the Vedas mention “Mukta” they mean “Natural Pearl.” Cultured pearls are NOT pearl on the inside. Like a plastic doll is covered with human skin that doesn’t create life. Cultured pearls are an illusion, and that’s why thet’re so cheap. They’re dirt cheap, and you get what you pay for.

A REAL pearl is a PRECIOUS GEM. And the REAL Natural pearls are so hard to get (for most people who don’t look) that they advise imitation, just to full fill a demand. Cultured pearls are the lazy man’s Planetary Gemology. And the wearers are fooled into thinking they have a precious pearl. Precious!!! =$2 ??? Is a $2 cultured pearl the same as a $2,000 natural pearl? FYI real pearls are expensive, about the same price as blue sapphires (unburned) and are available in Bahrain (Persian Gulf). Where the government has their own X-ray lab and certifies.

Stop kidding yourself. If you’re doing Planetary Gemology then don’t tell people the lie that “Cultured pearl is a REAL pearl.” That is fraud! Go to Bahrain and stock up on REAL pearls. Do your clients a favor and stop selling cheap imitations. As to your results, people have lives regardless…

If you don’t believe me then just ask GIA or any Gemologist in the whole world and they will all tell you that “cultured pearls” are not REAL pearls. Only cicular formation all nacre pearls, where the shape forms by nature (not preshaped implant) that are described in the Shastra are Pearls.

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Best rgds,
Richard Shaw-Brown, PG