AGT Introduces many new Sri Navaratna (9 Gems) Talisman designs

Thailand’s Astral Gemstone Tailsmans

For countless centuries, the cultures of India and South-East Asia have revered the beautiful 9 gem talisman known as “Navaratna”. Combining the gemstones representing each of the nine planets in sidereal astrology, the navaratna is esteemed by ancient tradition as a bringer of good fortune through its favorable influence on the planetary energies. The most well-known design places a ruby, representing the sun, in the center encircled by the other 8 planetary gemstones, diamond for Venus, pearl for Moon, coral for Mars, hessonite for Rahu (the moon’s ascending node), blue sapphire for Saturn, cat’s-eye for Ketu (the moon’s descending node), yellow sapphire for Jupiter and emerald for Mercury.