Mantra for success

Why some people seem to have all the luck. Why wealth and happiness seems so elusive sometimes. Is it that some are plain lucky or is it that they have mastered the Mantra for success?

There is just one mantra for success and that is attuning yourself to the laws of Universe. The Universe constantly guides us to tread on the right path. Punishes us when we are wrong, sometimes gently and sometimes severely.but the goal of this is just one. Become perfect. Perfect in all areas of our life whether it is health, relationships, power, success. You name it. And for this perfection we take birth after birth. Lessons learnt in one birth are carried forward in next birth. And finally a birth comes when we become totally perfect.. We have success, power, name, fame, good relationships, wealth.. and that is the birth we become God.

To learn the lessons of perfection, we have 7 major chakras in our body which are metaphysical spinning wheels lying across our length of body from base of spine to top of head. They are like gauges or meters that can tell you whether your actions are in alignment with the laws of Universe or not.

A brief about the 7 chakras

First chakra – Muladhara – This is balanced when we learn to stand on our own without support and without fear.

Second – Swathisthana- This is balanced when we are fearless and realize our self worth.

Third – Manipura- This when we realize our self power and use it for our benefit.

Fourth – When we express Unconditional love and do actions without expectations.

Fifth – When we realize and express our own Uniqueness.

Sixth – When we flow with acceptance of people and situations.

Seventh – When our being flows with gratitude.

When these chakras are imbalanced we have emotional and physical problems. All therapies in the world.. whether it is color therapy or Reiki or pranic healing or Kriya Yoga.. finally is just aimed at balancing our chakras. The easiest and direct way of balancing chakra and resolving limiting beliefs is Rudraksha Science Therapy.

Neeta a renowned Rudraksha Therapist from Mumbai is the CEO of Rudra Centre who has been practicing since last 11 years has now embarked on a mission to spread the awareness of the powers these ancient beads to people. With Centers in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai already open and over 40 distributors spread over 25 countries, Neeta has an impressive record of over 20,000 testimonials from satisfied clients from her practice of Rudraksha Science Therapy.

Neeta helps people get relief from physical and emotional problems and guides then how to removes obstacles and achieve success in their lives with self empowerment with these beads. Her clients include people from all ages from children to the aged from all walks of life.

Rudraksha Science Therapy is a Novel way of tapping the power of Rudraksha beads after identifying the pain points of the people and stringing Rudraksha in accordance to that. Nearly 20,000 people have experienced this therapy and found to be satisfied.

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