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Reading for Richard Shaw-Brown jr.

Born April, 26th, 1947
At 13:06:00
In St Petersburg, Florida, USA
Long. 82° W 40”
Lat. 27° N 46”

by Sri Vedamrita Michael Buttke

Your Ascendant is Cancer at 25° 26” in Nakshatra of Ashlesha (Budh) in 3.Pada with Shani at 9° 18” in Nakshatra Pushya (Shani) and Lord of 7 & 8. Your Ascendant is aspected by Guru in Nakshatra Vishakha (Guru) Lord of 6 & 9 in 5th house.

Concerning your question of short termed good news and advice concerning your income, gains and finances I viewed your second house, 11th house, 9th house, their lords and your present Mahadasha.

Your second house is empty in the sign of Leo, ruled/owned by Surya. 11th house is in sign of virgo owned by Shukra with Rahu in the Nakshatra of Krittika ( Surya) in it and Aspect of Guru Lord of 6 & 9 in the 5th house. Lord of 2nd Surya is exalted in 10th getting Aspect of Shani Lord 7 & 8 in first house. Lord of 11th Shukra is exalted in 9th getting Aspect of Guru Lord 6 & 9 in 5th house. Your present Mahadasha is Venus and Mangal Antardasha.


Lord of gains is Shukra and she is exalted in in the house of Dharma. This is indicating wealth is coming through beautiful things like arts, creativity and highly supported by Nature and natural laws. The Aspect of Guru is giving expansion and religious inclinement. He is giving Aspect to his own house on exalted 11th Lord making it very beneficial.

Secondly there is an exalted Surya shining very bright as Lord of the house of finances and family , the second house in the 10th, the house of profession. The Lord of 10th Mangal is together with Shukra in the 9th. For cancer rising chart, Mangal is Yoga Karaka (most friendly planet), because it is Lord of 5th and 10th house. This position of 10th in 9th is an auspicious Raja Yoga. Here the circle is closed and this connection is giving you dynamic energy in your undertakings and radiation of success. Very good for income and fame.

God has gifted us with so much possibilities and talents and our lesson is to express this. You have a debilitated Budh as Lord of 3rd & 12th in Nakshatra of Revati (Budh) together with Shukra and Mangal. This is one pinch. Budh is the Trader , analysing where to give and where to invest best, the communicator, gods messenger to decide and to make choices wisely. This ability seems to be overshadowed sometimes and you don’t follow what intuition may try to say. Budh can’t unfold his abilities not properly. This is being reinforced through Budhs position in the Navamsha, where he is in 12th house the house of loss. The tendency of energy drainage and of loss is found here.

Another pinch is the Aspect of Shani to the 10th house and the Lord of 2nd Surya and Lord of 1st moon in 12th the house of loss. Shani is making things slow but giving also stability and endurance. For a person with exalted Surya having patience and letting things develop slowly might often be extremely challenging.

You are passing through second cycle of Sadhesati.

However your Sadhesati with Shani transiting over your natal Chandra is not favourable. This second cycle of Sadhesati may cause Vata related health problems, opposition, increased expenditure and disturbance in relationship/marriage.

In order to mitigate the negative influence of Sadhesati you should wear an iron ring on your middle finger, follow a vata pacifying routine and avoid any dull, heavy, obstructing situations if possible.

So there is general support of nature for income, of following your Dharma and expansion. Sun is strong, indicating strong will and high ideals. The Nakshatra of Surya, Ashwini is giving energy, overcoming obstacles, being helpful and full of new Ideas. Your Sun is radiating warmth and light although there might be shadows sometimes. If things are going slow this is a good time to get in tune with your soul forces again. Shani makes humble.

Your passing through the major 20 year cycle of Shukra. This Mahadasha is good for income, finances, gains and creativity. The Moon Antardasha ended on November 22nd . From March 2002 to November 2003 there might have been financial loss and hardship. This will change with new Antardasha Mangal, who is giving good energy to develop new field of interest, breaking hindrances and removing obstacles. There will be more gains and recognition by government. It is favourable for expanding your business or starting eventually a new one. During this time spiritual people will be particularly helpful to you. Also your business trips will be successful. Nature may offer you an opportunity to visit sacred shrines and participate in spiritual gatherings. Take wise descisions where to invest energy, might it be physical or financial. It is important to choose wisely. Where to be in tune nature and laws of nature. Natures beauty is unfolding without any effort. Your Shukra is exalted and strong. So all this qualities of beauty, arts, income, gains, creativity and radiance will develop automatically and very naturally when you are in tune with forces of nature.

From April 2004 to August 2004 there will be possibilities and lessons to be patient and take wise decisions !!

Listening to the music of your chart is a symphony of royalty, extraordinary sweetness and beauty. You are a high born soul of great royalty. A sparkling beautiful ruby whose radiance is giving warmth and sweetest delight. Yes, only a king who is married to wisdom and devoted to his Guru and teacher will be a role model to his people to follow. A king who reigns with wisdom, generosity, humility and justice. What sweet melodies ! Nature has gifted you with great wealth, inner and outer and you have to make wise use of it. Richard you are “Rich at heart” and have a “Rich-heart”.


The swan is a healthy and helpful symbol for you. The swan is of extraordinary beauty, purity, strength and ease. It is said that the swan is symbolic for wise decision making and highest viveka, in drinking only the milk part and leaving out the water.

Also it is good to support & work/be around with children. Don’t take everything too serious and be more light hearted and of good humour. Look out for or create more situations to have joy. Laugh as often as possible and try to avoid heavy and dull situations.
Drinking clean and pure water is good to reduce your pitta and give clarity to your physical system. Also massaging your legs, knees and hips might be comforting your physical body and give relief. Ayurvedic Pancha Karma treatments would be very good especially Netra Tarpana giving relief to strained eyes.

Strengthening your Guru and Shani in your chart through Planetary Yagyas would be recommended, as also for Mangal.

Any other astrologers wishing to comment and give their reading of this chart, for the purpose of astral research (we are monitoring the subject) is most welcome to submit their readings for publication as well. We shall see WHO is right and who is wrong in this experiment. To submit your reading of this chart please send the reading by email to HERE. We look forward to as many readings as possible to compare to actual evolution of events. Thank you for joing this research..

The Sanskrit name for the PGA was composed by HONORARY PATRON Prof. Dr. Satya Vrat Shastri, Padma Shri