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by DharmaDev Arya

The Tears of Lord Siva that are the Rudraksa Beads are the original Vedic Beads of Power worn by the Yogis of India and the Himalayas for thousands of years enabling them to maintain health, gain self empowerment and live the fearless life on their path to enlightenment and liberation.

The Electromagnetic Properties of the Rudraksa Beads improve concentration, focus and mental stamina. Due to these same properties it was found that wearing these Beads around the heart reduced and controlled stress levels, blood pressure and hypertension resulting in the feeling of tranquility and calmness. Rudraksa Beads were found to be ideal for focused Meditation and other Spiritual Practices.

Historically the positive effects that have been exhibited in the wearers Neurophysiology, Personality, and Physical Health has resulted in their being used widely by people of Eastern Cultures in India, China and Japan by Hindus, Buddhists and followers of Zen.

It is remarkable to consider that natural beads of vegetable matter from the Rudraksa Tree affect the Human NeuroPhysiology as described in Vedic Literature however recent scientific research has again found Vedic Knowledge to be correct.

Though the powers of Rudraksa have been known as a phenomenon for thousands of years in Vedic Knowledge it is only since the late 1980s that they have become more prominent particularly after the research done by a group of scientists lead by Dr. Subas Rai PHD of the Institute of Technology University in Banares India.

A combined study to research the Biomedical Implications of Rudraksa was conducted with the Departments of Biochemstry, Electrical Engineering, Psychiatry, General Medicine and Psychology. This study documented and proved the powers and effects of Rudraksa scientifically with reproducible results.

Research has proven that Rudraksa have powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive Properties that vary from the different Mukhis or facets ( the different number of divisions found on the surface of each Bead ). They also found that wearing or performing Japa with a particular Mukhi or set of Mukhis of the Rudraksa Beads created specific electrical impulses that are sent to the brain through the process of galvanic skin response stimulating certain brain centers that transfer information.

This BioElectric stimulation affects the BioChemical System in the brain creating a positive impact on the activity of neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin levels that is evidenced by the positive transformation in the personality, mindset, outlook, charisma and the confidence of the wearer.

It was also found that those wearing Rudraksa Beads were able to experience reduced stress reaction to unexpected levels that were normally possible only with continued doses of tranquilizers.

In scientific terms the Rudraksa Beads are Dielectric as they store electrical energy and they have permanent magnetic properties that change with the different Mukhi Beads. Properties found inherent in the Rudraksa Beads includes Electromagnetism, Paramagnetism, Diamagnetism and Dynamic Polarity or the ability to change polarity.

When Rudraksa Beads are worn and Rudraksa Malas are revolved in Japa they interface and integrate with the Human Body at a silent subtle level of Consciousness. Due to their Dielectric and Magnetic Properties the Rudraksa Beads initiate and effect positive change in our Bio Electrical System.

This Rudraksa Effect brings the wearer into the Alpha State of present moment living that all Spiritual Disciplines teach as the path to self empowerment, fearless life, enlightenment and liberation.

The Alpha State produced in the brain boosts the confidence and inner strength of the wearer significantly and as a result the heart beat, circulation, function of endocrine glands, activity of neurons and respiration are normalized in the physical body.

Supporting scientific evidence for these statements are again found in the published research papers by Dr. Subas Rai describing the beneficial powers of Rudraksa by virtue of electrical and magnetic properties that affect our Central Nervous System, Autonomic, Sympathetic and Para Sympathetic Nervous Systems and other organ systems in total.

It was proven that wearing of Rudraksa controlled heart beat and had a positive effect on Blood Pressure, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Palpatations and Lack of Concentration. It was also found that Rudraksa Beads have anti ageing properties based on their Electromagnetism.

Generations who have worn authentic Rudraksa Beads have repeatedly confirmed they have experienced considerable relief from the debilitating effects of high blood pressure, stress, hypertension, depression and other mind related problems including neurotic conditions leading Eastern Cultures and Traditions to attribute this relief of pain and suffering to the wearing of the Tears of Lord Siva.

In the evolution of spiritual consciousness The Holy Rudraksa Beads are based in the Absolute Field of Consciousness and manifest in the Relative Field as an eternal triggering mechanism to be recognized by the Mankind and Womankind as we awaken to higher states of consciousness in each lifetime.

The Srimaddevibhagavat 11th Skand Chapter V parts 25 and 26 states: According to Jabala instinct for wearing Rudraksa results only after attaining the perfection of Vedas and Blessings of Lord Siva during preceeding births.

Interpretation of this Knowledge reflects the existence of a memory of Rudraksa in our spiritual evolution from past lifetimes that can be triggered in a present lifetime.

In our experience we have seen the initial Rudraksa Effect triggered by the mere reading of the word Rudraksa in print or the physical sight or touch of a Rudraksa Bead.

We have found this triggered memory affects men and women and children and runs throughout all populations in the world from 4 years of age in India to people in their fifties and older in the United States and Europe. When the Rudraksa is recognized by those who are wakeng up and remembering there is an unexplained need experienced by that person to have Rudraksa in their lives.

In addition to the general purpose Rudraksa Beads the Vedic Puranas show there are more powerful Rudraksa Beads from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi each capable of aligning our mind and the positive energies around us to specific aspects of health, happiness, spiritual fullment, prosperity, creativity, intuitive ability, material fulfillment, family harmony, attraction, self empowerment and fearless life.

The Srimaddevihagavat gives us the needed explanation from Vedic Knowledge regarding the unexplained attraction to Rudraksa and modern day science shows us how The Rudraksa Effect can help all Mankind function and perform better leading to a happy, healthy and more successful life.

Om NamaSivaya Jaya Guru Deva Jai Guru Dev

DharmaDev Arya is the Director of Rudra Centre India, Inc.

He is known for his work in pioneering the knowledge and use of rudraksha in North America and can be reached at

The Sanskrit name for the PGA was composed by HONORARY PATRON Prof. Dr. Satya Vrat Shastri, Padma Shri