The PGA Ruling Committee has unanimously appointed two new members, Sriman Arnavji and Smt. Neetaji, as listed below. With these new additions the total number of Ruling Committee members is now 11. To contact the Ruling Committee please contact Secretary Richard Shaw Brown. Guruji Shrii Arnav, PGA (HC), 2/12 – 5, 3 floor, Sripeetam Building,

The PGA is honored to welcome outstanding Vedacharya and Jyotishacharya Pandit Brij Bihari Sharma, founder of Vedic Life Mission in Kanpur, U.P., India. Pandit B.B. Sharma has throughly studied Sanskrit and Vedas, Vastu Shastra and Vedic Jyotish from “Sampurnanand University” of Varanasi in India. He also holds degrees of Shastri Sahita Charya and M.A. in

Rajiv Golcha, GG, PG, No. 605, Sparta-01, Prestige Acropolis, Next to Forum, Koramangala, Bangalore, PIN-560 025, Mobile +91 99805 12353, Email : The PGA has a 63 question test for certification as a “PGA” or Planetary Gem Advisor. The PGA exam is open book with no time limit and with strict scoring (8 mistakes