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Often I am asked this question "Are flawless gems only for the rich?" It being explained that according to ancient Vedic (Sanskrit) wisdom, gems are believed to have talismanic powers, with fine flawless gems bringing good fortune, while poor bad quality gems have the opposite effect, i.e., misfortune.Read more
Acknowledged as the Greatest Sanskrit Scholar Alive Shastri Ji has been awarded numerous awards including the Padma Bhushan by the Government of India. Read more
I would like to address the sometimes presumption that gems, not gem set talismans, MUST touch on the skin, as some claim this to be going by the book. Read more
Gems: “Purity is the force / Impurity is the farce” Is your gem clean (good quality) or dirty (bad quality)? Is your water clean and drinkable? And is your gem or jewel clean and wearable?… Read more
Rudraksha and Ratna Science Therapy uses the research information wherein chakras have been mapped accurately to correct fingers and body positions and as per your specific concerns… Read more
For your interest we present a living archive of articles on Astrology for Healing and Growth by PGA Member U.Umeshkumar, PGA, N.D, BMAS, JYOTHIS VISHARAD, JYOTHIS BHOOSHANAM, KERALA, INDIA, Email :, fax :91 (0) 8066885424… Read more
The article /special report published in Bankok Gems and Jewellery, January 2013 issue and article forum of Planetary Gemmologist Association – Global website on “Jyotish Gems: Same or Opposite of Associated Planet” by Mr. Richard Shaw Brown PG… Read more
Varuthini Ekadashi, one of the most important Ekadashi will be observed this year on coming Sunday, May 5, 2013. Padhya Purana mentions the legend of Lord Krishna enlightening Yudhishthira about the importance of fasting on Varuthini Ekadashi for being blessed with desirable fruits and getting relief from all the sins in this lifetime in order to attain Moksha… Read more
Branding is what you are known for. Good Branding is the act of becoming known for something that you do above your other competitor. Branding can be for company you work for or for a Brand called YOU. You may be an Artist, Astrologer, Engineer, Doctor, Marketing Manager or Business man… Read more
It’s a great feeling when you are accepted into an elite club. It is a different thing that people go hoarse fighting for the cause of egalitarianism! But the desire to feel special, to be a part of exclusive few, to be in that bracket that bestows high status and a privilege feel is a secretly / overtly held desire in all human beings… Read more
Why some people seem to have all the luck. Why wealth and happiness seems so elusive sometimes. Is it that some are plain lucky or is it that they have mastered the Mantra for success?… Read more
A ruby that is not all ruby is NOT a ruby. A Pearl that is not all pearl (nacre) is not a pearl. They do not create Cultured pearls from grains of sand. If they did – and the nacre was covered in the circular formation of natural, then I would call that as natural… Read more
What’s the Difference Between “Jyotish” Quality Gems & Normal Gems?… Read more