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Planetary Gemology Articles Archives - page 2

New 2004 "6 Collection" Talismans Design Book

by Richard Shaw Brown

Reading for Richard Shaw-Brown jr

If you want to try your hand at doing Richard's fortune telling then click here

by Sri Vedamrita Michael Buttke

Financial Astrology

by G. Kumar

Blue Sapphire- The Enchanting Gemstone of Saturn/Shani Dev

by Arnav Medhi, B.Com, MBA

Click to learn everything about Srimati Saraswati Devi...

The Goddess Saraswati
by Bansi Pandit

The healing power of gems and mantras


by Wendy Vasicek, PGA

Disciplic Succession & Jyotish

by Dean Dominic De Lucia

Aspects of Nodes

By Wendy Vasicek, PGA


by Capt. Manas R. Swain

6 Faced Rudraksha
from Sri G.Kumar

Legend of the Syamantaka Gem
Narrated by Richard Shaw Brown

Sri Nava Graha Stotra
by Shri Vadiraja Swamy

Puranic Quotes  AGAINST very flawed gems
Ref. Sri Garuda Puranam

The Healing Powers of Gems
by Richard Shaw Brown

Select the right gem and please the planets
 by Bal Krishna Singh

PGA Voting Results

Ruby-The Sun Gem

by Arnav Medhi, B.Com, MBA
When Gems Fail !

By Dr. Neeraj Lalwani, M.B.B.S., D.M.R.D., P.G.A.
My votes on the 

by Thiruchelvam S.Nadarajah, PGA

Mundane Astrology & More
by G. Kumar, PGA
Donating Gems

by Richard Shaw Brown, PG

Anukul & Pratikul
by PGA

Pratikul Nightmare!

by Howard Beckman, PG

Sri Shaligram Tirtha Pradarshini

by Jaya Tirtha Charan Dasa

The Planetary Herbs

Nepal Ayurveda Association

Remedial Measures:
From a Spiritual Perspective

by Das Goravani, PGA

Jyotish Gem Powers

Why Anukul is better than Pratikul

by Howard Beckman, PG

Choosing the Right Gemstone 

By Arnav Medhi 

The Power of Gemstones

By Arnav Medhi

Gem Clarity

by Richard Shaw Brown, PG

Benefic & Malefic Planets and Gems

By Pemmaraju V.R. Rayudu 

Astrological Gem Therapies

by Thiruchelvam S.Nadarajah, PGA

Numerology, Gemmology, & Vaasthu  and the Future of Mankind

by Suniel N. Madhavan, PGA

Gemstone Substitutions

by Howard Beckman. GIA, PG

Legend of Rahu

from Srimad Bhagavat Puranam

The 'Other' Pearls
from Sri Garuda Puranam

Planets: Pros & Cons

by Das Goravani, PGA

Vedic Divisions of Time

by Richard S. Brown. GIA, PG

Planet & House Meanings
at a glance

by Das Goravani, PGA
What is Vedic Astrology?

by Shyamasundara Dasa, PGA


Precious Stones: Curse or Cure

by Mony Singh, PGA

The History of Gem Therapy and Planetary Gemmology

by Howard Beckman, GIA, PG

Only "Flawless' Gems"
The Vedic View

by Richard S. Brown, GIA, PG

Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 1

by G. Kumar, PGA

Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 2

by G. Kumar, PGA

Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 3

by G. Kumar, PGA

Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 4

by G. Kumar, PGA

Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 5

by G. Kumar, PGA
Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 6

by G. Kumar, PGA

Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 7

by G. Kumar. PGA

Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 8

by G. Kumar. PGA

Astro-Numerology & Gems
Lesson 9

by G. Kumar. PGA
A Priceless "Stone" of 
Mount Kailasa

by Richard S. Brown, GIA, PG

Vedic Astrology & Physiology

by Rudy Ciscato 

Frequently Asked Questions
by Jack Hauck

What Are Real 'Jyotish' Pearls?

by Richard S. Brown, GIA, PG

Standardization of
Planetary Gemology

by Richard S. Brown, GIA, PG

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